windows - I have to refresh browser all the time to view a webpage, and sometimes only text appears instead

  • Anonymous12345

    I have to refresh my browser all the time.

    Browser doesn't matter, this happens in all browsers.

    The problem is when I enter a URL, sometimes the page loads fine, but most times the page won't load (keeps loading without anything happening), or it loads but only text is visible and not the pictures, OR the browser displays some strange text like "host: blabla, connection: keep-alive etc etc" (text which isn't on the webpage at all).

    I have no clue what it could be... It has been bugging me for months now.

    I have a network cable with a DSL connection, and I have all drivers setup from the manufacturers website for all computer components.

    I run Windows XP.

    I am suspecting my network card (ethernet card). It is Broadcom NetXtreme GBabit Ethernet.

    Is anybody having the same issue?

    If you need more input let me know...

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  • geodave

    Sort of a stab in the dark, but often if you can see the website text but it looks formatted all strangely without images, it's a network quirk where your browser hasn't received the stylesheet for that site, and so it doesn't implement the formatting.

    If this happens all the time, and you're reasonably sure it's not your network card, I would suggest you update the firmware on your router to start.

  • 8088

    I had this same issue for months on my workstation and assumed it was some type of virus since my 8-year-old uses this computer all the time.

    It turned out to be the network cable I was using. I switched to a new cable and the problem totally went away. I'm not saying it will be the cable in all cases, but if you have more than one computer connected to the same Internet connection via an in-home router as I do I would look for hardware problems first.

  • goblinbox

    Are you having problems with other types of traffic? (Email, ping, FTP, chat, etc?) If not, it's not your hardware.

    Are the other computers on the LAN having the same problems? If not, it's not the router.

    I'd suggest some or all of the following steps:

    • Make sure you're running all available patches and service packs for XP.
    • Test surfing again with your software firewall disabled.
    • Test surfing again with your AV software disabled. (Norton, for example, is notorious for making connections unusable.)
    • Do a full virus and rootkit and nasty stuff scan.
    • Update your router's firmware.
    • Test your connection's throughput.
    • Reset and reconfigure your router.

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    windows - Why do webpages sometimes appear as plain HTML before a refresh
  • JFFF

    this has started happening quite frequently since a week or so. It is far from a major problem, but more of a annoyance.

    Sometime, when I go on a webpage, the page seems to load as plain HTML. Then, after a refresh, the rest of the page loads.

    Why is that ? Any idea on what could cause this problem ? See screenshots.

    Windows 7 64 bits, using Chrome, up to date.

    EDIT: Thanks for the help and suggestions. To be more specific, this is happening at work. My connection is filtered, but that's all I know.

    Before Refresh:

    First time visit:

    After refresh:

    After Refresh:

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  • haimg

    This happens when the CSS (stylesheet) for that page is not loaded properly. Now, why that happens is a more complex issue. You'll need to do this to troubleshoot that issue:

    1. Open Tools | Developer Tools from Chome menu.
    2. Switch to Network tab there
    3. Keep that window open, browse as usual. Once you see that phenomenon again, go to that Developer tools window, and see which file was not loaded properly and why.

    It could be a DNS issue, or some transparent proxy acting up, or some other problem. My own company's CDN (content delivery network) provider had issues yesterday, and it manifested itself in a similar way to what you describe here.

    Since you say the issue is transient, and goes away after a refresh, it's rather hard to troubleshoot.

  • TheCompWiz

    I'm not 100% sure, but perhaps you're having issues downloading the javascript or CSS for the site. Sometimes (for big companies) the CSS & javascript are stored on a 3rd party "CDN" (content delivery network)... which frequently end up on "ad-blocking" lists by accident. Have you tried disabling ad-blocking software? Perhaps you have some nasty-bug on your machine... and it's redirecting web-traffic.

  • jap1968

    There is an old problem with .css files which appears on some browsers depending of how are loaded or declared the .css documents containing the style rules.

    This is called the "Flash of unstyled content (FOUC)". This concept has even a dedicated Wikipedia page with links to additional sources of information.

    According to your screenshot, this seems to be the problem that you are suffering. The problem can only be corrected doing the necessary changes in the page source, so you can't solve it.

  • Bobson

    This usually happens when Chrome thinks that it has data in the cache that is not actually there (I experience this when I clear the browser cache in the OS instead of in Chrome, but it can also happen if the cache is flagged or not updated incorrectly).

    Refreshing usually fixes it, but if not, then just clear the cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete), then refresh.