internet explorer 8 - IE8 is not supported on this operating system

  • Questioner

    I am using vista. I had IE7 installed on it. Few months ago, I upgraded it to IE9 because I needed it to test few things on it.

    As now I am done with IE9, y'day I decided to remove it. It wasn't so easy. But from some help on internet I successfully removed it (I don't remember the links).

    I have IE7 again now. Now I need IE8 to test few other things. I downloaded IE8 from microsoft and when I tried to install it. I got an error that "IE8 is not supoorted on this operating system". On microsoft site there is written that IE8 is supported on windows vista and windows 7.

    Have you guys ever downgraded your internet explorer? I heard there are problems with downgrading. But I couldn't find any solution to it.

    Need your help.....Many thanks in advance.

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  • Simon Sheehan

    If you are constantly testing various versions of IE (like every web developer out there strongly dislikes doing) you can try the IE Platform Preview that lets you switch between various versions of IE.

  • Akhil Thayyil

    " Now I need IE8 to test few other things "

    I think u can download and use IE TESTER which gives all ie versions

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    internet explorer - "Operation aborted" error constantly on IE8
  • BradC

    Just upgraded to IE8, and now I'm constantly getting the following error:

    Windows Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://...
    Operation aborted

    Sometimes the page disappears when I click OK, sometimes its still there.

    Is this a known issue for IE8?

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  • Joey

    Actually it was a known issue even before, although the IE team claimed to have fixed it. Basically that message meant that the page was trying to manipulate its DOM tree while not fully loaded. Something where the specification says that behaviour is undefined.

    They also link to a Knowledge Base Article.

    But for all I know it's supposed to be fixed1 in IE 8.

    1 or at least not modal-dialog-in-your-face visible.