windows 7 - Image/Clone Entire Disk including OS X and Boot Camp Partitions

  • xited

    Is it possible to clone an entire Mac disk including both OS X and Boot Camp partitions?

    Background: My company is switching from PCs to Macs. We want to have a dual boot platform. Before I used to create and deploy Windows 7 images via Norton Ghost. I am now looking for a similar solution or the least time consuming solution to deploy a customized dual boot platform to all of our workstations (all iMac computers).

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  • Darius

    Take a look at CloneZilla.

    CloneZilla can create USB boot disk bootable by both windows and mac, and able to clone the whole HDD perfectly fine. Cloning can be done via network, as well so you can just leave them all connected to your network, boot using the USB disk, and get them connected to the CloneZilla server that gives them the instruction and the image.

    The clonezilla server itself can be run as a liveCD if you don't want to dedicate a PC or VM as your dedicated clonezilla server.

    As Gordon has advised above, DeployStudio is good, but has a pretty steep learning curve, but it may be better in the long run. (Note: My workplace tried to get it running but the guy assigned to learn it back down and said its too complicated.. I haven't get cracking at it, but I really doubt its as complicated as he said)

    Hope this helps.

  • Gordon Davisson

    Take a look at DeployStudio. It's a free imaging tool that works with Macs, and can image both OS X (HFS+ volume format) and Windows (NTFS volume format). Setup is a bit complicated, but once you get it set up it's pretty powerful. For a dual-boot setup, you'll have separate images for the two volumes, and a workflow with (at least) 3 steps: partition the target HD, restore OS X volume, restore Windows volume.

    Update: Nathan Felton gave a presentation on "DeployStudio: Up and running in 60 minutes" at the Penn State U MacAdmins conference this year; video is here, slides here. The rest of the conference sessions are linked here; there's another on advanced DeployStudio workflows, one on managing and deploying dual boot systems, as well as one on Blast Image Config (which I'm completely unfamiliar with).

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    osx - Backup Windows side of Boot Camp?
  • Questioner

    I'd like to be able to do a system image backup of the Windows side of Boot Camp from within Windows that can be restored to a newly created Boot Camp partition (of the same or larger size).

    I tried using the Windows 7 system image backup and restore, but after restoring, the Mac side can no longer read the Boot Camp partition. I also tried norton ghost (not compatible with Windows 7) and paragon disk backup (restore portion doesn't "see" the Boot Camp partition).

    Can anyone recommend a backup solution for me? I know I could use WinClone from the Mac side, but I spend most of my time in Windows these days...

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  • Benjamin Schollnick

    I'd like to be able to do a system image backup of the windows side of boot camp from within windows that can be restored to a newly created boot camp partition (of the same or larger size).

    The issue here is that you can't safely backup a running system when you are booted from that partition.

    If you expect to use bootcamp, then you will need to back up the partition with an utility that is bootcamp aware. Ghost, and Windows System restore expect a stock Windows configuration, which doesn't include the EFI boot partition that is necessary for bootcamp.

    Winclone is typically faster, and easier to use then most of the Windows tools I have used in the past...

  • Troy

    winclone is good, i been messing around with this idea of up backing up my bootcamp partition with mixed results, i really want to have a program running under windows like time machine backing up a system image and being able to restore it but nothing works other than doing a manual image with winclone every week, also winclone can only save to a osx partition so make sure you have a external formated that way. one good thing is you can extend your partition (bootcamp) if its running out of room by making an image and then creating an new partition with desired space and restore the image to said partition... but if anyone has a better solution to backing up your bootcamp partition under windows that safe and easy please share :)