Import Account Settings in Windows 7

  • SOF User

    I had one user account with my name and then I enable my Administrator account.

    Now I want to all my account settings from my user account to the Admin Account. Like desktop, my documents. browser, Visual studio configurations, etc,.

    How can I do this?

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  • Dave M

    I think theMicrosoft Scanstate tool will handle that.Technet Migrate Accounts

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    How to apply group policy settings to specific local accounts in Windows
  • rzlines

    I created a limited user account and want to restrict USB and CD drive access using group policy settings. Hence I want to use gpedit.msc to enforce restrictions on the limited account and disable access to USB and CD drive, and prevent the limited account from modifying those changes. How can I achieve this without restricting any other accounts?

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  • 8088

    In Windows Vista and later you can apply policies only to a specific account, but you have to load the group policy object editor from the Microsoft Management Console, not by opening the snapin directly.

    1. Open mmc.exe
    2. When the MMC console opens, click "File" -> "Add/remove snapin"
    3. Select "Group Policy Object Editor" and click the "Add >" button
    4. In the dialog which appears, click "Browse".
    5. Click the "users" tab and select a user.

    6. Click "OK", then "Finish", then "OK" again

    You will now have a group policy user object for the selected user. Apply whatever restrictions you want. You may be interested in checking out "Hide these specified drives in My Computer" in User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Explorer.

  • th3dude

    You would have to makes these group policy changes from an administrator account, not from the limited account.

  • dsolimano

    For restricting access to USB devices, Microsft has a KB article about denying permisison to certain files - You might need to leave SYSTEM with access to the files for the other accounts, some trial and error is in order.


    There seems to be some fairly affordable third party software that does what you're looking for, but I've not tested it myself.