microsoft word - "Insert Hyperlink" very slow for documents in a SharePoint library

  • phenry

    I'm working in a Word 2010 document from a SharePoint document library. When you use the "Insert Hyperlink" command (or Ctrl+K) to add a hyperlink to text in the document, by default, the Insert Hyperlink dialog opens onto the directory where your file is saved. Because my document is stored in SharePoint, this means that the dialog must connect to the WebDAV folder where the document is stored, an operation that can take between 10 and 30 seconds every time I open the dialog. I have to insert hundreds of links into this document, so these delays are unworkable.

    Is there a way to make Word use a different directory as the current folder in the Insert Hyperlink dialog so I don't have to go through this? Alternately, is there a good way to avoid the dialog entirely when adding hyperlinks? All my links are Web URLs, so I never even need access to the local file system anyway.

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  • slhck

    If you browse another folder once and click OK, this is saved for next time.

    But if you want to link to WebDAV documents again, next time you return to create a link, you will have this problem again.

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    How do I move files in the Share Documents section Sharepoint?
  • Dillie-O

    I'm doing some reorganization in a Shared Documents section of one of our Sharepoint sites.

    One of the current folders is setup like this:

    Documents -> Documents -> OnBase

    What I'd like to do is either:

    A) Move the Onbase Folder up to the same level as the root Documents folder


    B) Move all the files within the OnBase folder into the root Documents folder so I can simply rename it.

    All my initial digging around Sharepoint is coming up with nothing.

    How do I do this?

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  • Graham Perrin

    Without a Microsoft Windows client, movement may be difficult or impossible.

    With Microsoft's web interface alone – without third party products – can an end user move a folder in SharePoint Server 2010?

    Not only folders. I also find it impossible to move a file.

  • Community

    It is a simple process, but not necessarily obvious.

    On the Shared Documents page, click the arrow next to "Actions" and select "Open with Windows Explorer". This will open up a Windows Explorer window and allow you full options to copy, paste, add, delete as needed, even though the subtitle indicates it is only for adding files in.

    For Sharepoint 2010 users, Go to Shared Documents Page, Click on Library tools->Library, Connect and Export Ribbon ( it is in the middle of the ribbon bar) and select the "Open with Windows Explorer".