installation - Installing Windows Server 2012 over a Windows 8 retail HP Computer

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    I have purchased an HP Computer with Windows 8. I have a MSDN copy on Windows Server 2012 that I want to install over the Windows 8 OS, for development purposes. When I try to install Server 2012 I get the message that the product key does not match any product on the install CD.

    It does not give me the opportunity to enter my Product key.

    Server 2012 will not install. It seems the Retail Windows 8 Product Key is contained in the extended BIOS (UEFI). Is there any way to install Windows Server 2012 over Windows 8.

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    Setting default keyboard layout in Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012
  • Ondrej Tucny

    When there are multiple input methods (keyboard layouts) installed, the first one in the list is supposed to be the default. In my case I have two custom keyboard layouts:

    • US (Customized)
    • Czech (Customized)

    My currently installed keyboard layouts (input methods)

    So the first option—US (Customized)—should be the default option. The advanced settings dialog confirms this as well as shows the layouts in the same order:

    Keyboard Advanced settings in Windows Server 2012

    Also, the keyboard layout switching pop-up shows US (Customized) at the top and Czech (Customized) below.

    However, when login into the system, the second, or maybe last one, is selected by default, i.e. the Czech (Customized) option. Is this a bug in the OS or am I missing something? Note that I experience the same behavior when I copy the input methods to the login screen settings—when logging-in, the default isn't the first on the list.

    So how does the auto-selection of the default keyboard layout really work in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, when there's no override in place in the advanced settings?

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  • Daniel Smolka

    It's not a bug, it's a feature! To set input language of the login screen open the control panel "Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Language". Click at the link Advanced settings. Set the Windows display language and input method as you want it. Then click at the link Apply language settings to the welcome screen etc. Click at the button Copy settings. Click at the checkbox Copy settings to Welcome screen and system accounts. Click OK. Close all windows. Log out.

  • gronostaj

    In Advanced settings

    1. Change Override default input language to English
    2. Choose Let me set a different input method for each app window
    3. Reboot
  • Paul Lammertsma

    Not strictly related to your question, as you specifically mention that your problem occurs on the login screen, but many others have encountered a bug in Windows 8 where the keyboard language switched at random.

    Having followed the brief discussion on this forum post, it appears that if you specify the keyboard languages under separate languages, the keyboard language no longer randomly switches.

    Specifically, in my scenario, I had English (United States) with a US keyboard and United States-International keyboard. I resolved my problem by removing the US International keyboard and adding Dutch as a new language with that keyboard. Win+Space still works as previously.