router - Is it possible to throw DD-WRT on a F5D8235-4 v2?

  • leeand00

    I have a F5D8235-4 v2 and I was looking to run IPv6 on it using DD-WRT, has anyone tried this? I haven't been able to find it listed in the router database.

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  • Simon Sheehan

    Yes, it works with brainslayer version of DD-WRT, which can be downloaded HERE. Use the original to DD-WRT bin file

  • music2myear

    If that router is not listed as working with the DDWRT system, then it won't work.

    Especially considering the closest router numbers (see image) are listed as "not possible" it is highly likely that something about this router's architecture makes it completely incompatible with the DDWRT software.

    enter image description here

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    router - How to change the firmware of my NETGEAR WGT624 v2 to DD-WRT
  • Lirik

    In reference to my previous question: I can't find the appropriate firmware for my NETGEAR WGT624 v2 router. I went on the dd-wrt web site and I read the wiki, but I didn't see any files or instructions on how to change the firmware.

    The router database lists my router, but as I said: no files. In addition the "Supported" column lists "wip", what is wip?

    Router Database
    4 routers found
    Manufacturer    Model   Revision    Supported   Activation required
    Netgear         WGT624      v1          wip         no
    Netgear         WGT624      v2          wip         no

    The only thing listed for my router on the dd-wrt web site is:

    Router details     
    Chipset: AR2312A      
    RAM: 16 MB  
    FLASH: 4 MB     
    Additional information
        * OpenWRT Wiki: Netgear WGT624
        * Unbrick procedure

    Is the router supported? Can I change the firmware? If yes, then how can I change it?

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  • hyperslug

    It doesn't look like DD-WRT works for this model.

    As stated in the above comment:

    WIP = Work In Progress. Basically, it's not supported, but they're working on it

    Digging deeper, it looks like work on it has slowed/halted, judging by the 2 year old thread on their forum:

    DD-WRT just links you to the OpenWRT WGT624 site where some fellow has done some experimentation with his, perhaps soldering on a JTAG port.

    I'm afraid you're stuck with the stock firmware.