usb flash drive - Is there a way to enforce shuffling / randomizing of mp3s on a usb stick, without of shuffle support from the playing device?

  • Toskan

    I have a sonivox speaker for travelling... it can read USB sticks and memory cards. But: Whenever I enter the USB stick, it will always start with the same song. Changing a song takes about 4 seconds. So skipping only 40 songs is gonna take you a while.

    Is there some weird way I can't think of, of making the USB stick returning the next song randomly?

    I was on the website of said vendor - they don't even list the product there. It is a latin american product, so I am not that surprised.

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  • MonkeyZeus

    In general a device that reads from a USB stick without any options will simply pull it in alphabetical order. The only way to shuffle these songs is to actually rename them before putting the USB stick inside the player.

    There are probably scripts you can write to automate this when you plug the USB stick into a computer/laptop but there isn't any sort of universal code that all players will adhere to and be instructed to randomize the songs.

  • Kevin Panko

    I think the best you can do is to rewrite the filesystem on the USB stick by clearing it out and then adding the files back in a new order. The player would then play them in that order until the next time you do this.


    You could shuffle the files' names, or change their ID3 tags, if the player is using that info to decide what order to go in.

    But there is no way to really tell a player to force shuffle mode, sorry.

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  • Sathya

    You probably have formatted the USB stick to FAT32 filesystem which does not support filesizes in excess of 4GB. Try reformatting it as NTFS.