windows 7 - Is there a way to shut off a laptop monitor?

  • Corey

    I tend to leave Skype calls on overnight, and for some reason Skype overrides my computer going idle. I have no idea why this is; it prevents Pidgin from idling, as well as some other programs, and prevents my computer from going into power-saving turning off the monitor.

    Anyway, is there a way to manually turn the monitor off on a laptop in Windows 7?

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  • Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams

    If you're running Windows, try the tool in this answer.

  • Ivan Petrushev

    You have tagged the question 'Windows 7', but just to mention the Linux solution if you are using X - xset dpms force off.

  • ukanth

    Try this Portable little tool MonitorES.

    MonitorES is a small Windows utility that helps you to turn off monitor display when you lock down your machine. Also when you lock your machine, it will pause all your running media programs & set your IM status message to "Away" / Custom message (via options) and restore it back to normal when you back.

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    display - Turn off monitor on del Vostro 1500 while laptop in use?
  • Jared

    Since I'm blind and use screen reading software I don't need to use my laptop's monitor and it's nothing but a battery drain. Is there a way to turn off the monitor on a del Vostro 1500 laptop while I'm using it? The only option I've found is to have it power off while the laptop is idle.

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  • Liudvikas Bukys

    Fn-DownArrow (type several times) will lower the backlight. That's a major source of power drain.

    Other Dells I've had have supported turning off the LCD with a different Fn key, but I don't have a Vostro 1500 in front of me to see if that works.

    Fn-F8 (blue label is CRT/LCD) should switch to external display, but I'm not sure it'll stick with that if there is no actual external display. It might be that an enterprising friend with a VGA connector and a soldering iron could make a stub that looks enough like an external monitor to encourage your LCD to stay off.

  • Sandra

    I know this is 1 1/2 yrs ago, but for those still looking for a solution for this. I've read you need only to connect an external keyboard and mouse and close the lid before it fully boots up or was that shortly after. And that should reroute your graphics to your display.

  • Daniel A. White

    Are you using the keyboard and trackpad? If not, you can set windows not to go to sleep when you close the lid. I'm not sure what will happen with the display at that point.

  • AlbertoPL

    The only way I see to do this is to disconnect the backlight, which can be very difficult to do if you're blind. An easier solution I think would be to turn down the brightness to none.

    If it's an external keyboard turn off your power management settings and close the lid. That way Windows won't go to sleep or hibernate.

  • ajm

    There's an app available here that will let you turn off the lcd on your notebook, but it 'wakes up' when you press a key or move the mouse. Likewise with this app. Perhaps one of those could be adapted to suit your needs, though?

  • Tom Wijsman

    You could use MonitorES:

    MonitorES is a small windows utility that helps you to turnoff monitor display when you lock down your machine.Also when you lock your machine, it will pause all your running media programs & set your IM status message to "Away" / Custom message(via options) and restore it back to normal when you back.

    According to this research statistics we could save lot of energy by turning off monitor display.