microsoft outlook - Kaspersky 10 blocking my exchange server emails

  • Tatenda Walter Mukanyima

    i'm a system administrator for about 400 client machines and i need help please. I have recently installed Kaspersky 10 on my domain and now the individual users can't access their exchange emails. if i disable the the antivirus the email flow through without any problems but as soon as i activate it the emails are blocked again. Has someone else ever encountered this problem??? i'm trying to figure out what's causing the anomaly in the behaviour of the endpoint solution since it was performing reasonably well previously. Kindly assist me please

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  • Vanadis


    Found your problem. Remove this utter piece of crap and everything will work flawlessly.

    Edit: Just for clarification. This is not a trollpost. Kaspersky is probably the worst software I've ever seen. It blocks everything, slows down your machine and regularly complete kills the computer it's running on.

    Uninstall it (or better: reinstall all machines you've installed it on) and get some other antivirus-software.

    And another edit: If you insist on using Kaspersky: Do you have the mail gateway feature?

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    How do I download all existing email on an Exchange Server to Outlook?
  • Questioner

    I am running out of space on my hosted exchange server. I usually use Outlook Web Access to access my email. I have configured Outlook to read my email, but it leaves all the email on the server. How can I instruct it to pull all email down and remove it from the server?

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  • danorth

    The best way to pull down your email would be to export the mailbox contents to a PST. This will download all of your email to a single blob that you can move to another computer, or even upload to another Exchange mailbox.

    Here's a quick how to.

  • Kenneth Cochran

    I haven't used Outlook for a while but if memory serves there are two ways to go about this:

    • Create a local pst file.
    • Connect to the server as a normal exchange client.
    • Highlight all the emails you want to keep
    • Cut and past them to your pst file.


    • Create a local pst file.
    • Connect to your server as a pop3 client

    By default, Outlook deletes messages from the server after it retreives them when configured as a pop3 client.

    Coincidentally, I've done the exact opposite of what you're try to do. I had been downloading all my email to a pst file when I found out my computer was going to be replaced. I wound up moving all my emails to the server for safe keeping.

  • Connor W

    Its not always sensible to delete old emails for various reasons, but it is an easy way to save space. Espicially ones that have large attatchments, download the attachments then you can delete the email.

  • Steve H

    If you are simply trying to reduce the space used on Hosted exchange you can also just create an archive in outlook, set a date to archive up until, this will create a new PST file that is stored on your local computer and it will remove the messages from the live exchange account. At least this way you have the mail should you ever need to refer back to it.