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    What combination of keys produce a right-click and a left-click?

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  • rink.attendant.6

    There isn't one for left-click, though spacebar and Enter are often usable.

    Right-clicking is usually a request for a context-sensitive menu which is performed on the keyboard either by clicking the Context key (menu/pointer looking thing usually to the right of the space bar between Alt and Ctrl (along with the Windows key), or by pressing Shift+F10.

    Note that about 65% of programmers who write Windows applications think that they should open a context menu in response to a right-click (WM_RBUTTONUP--which a true amateur thinks is WM_RBUTTONDOWN). This is of course incorrect. The correct event to open a context menu from is WM_CONTEXTMENU (which is sent immediately following WM_RBUTTONUP or if the keyboard key is pressed).

    What that means is that 65% of applications out there won't respond to the keyboard request for a context menu.

  • Margus

    You can define your own using software like autohotkey:


    This code replaces:

    • left alt to left mouse click
    • right alt to left right click



    Link to autohotkey keyboard remapping: link
    Link to autohotkey download : link

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    Controlling keyboard with mouse
  • Camilo Martin

    There seems to be a lot of software to control (or emulate) mouse input through the keyboard, but what about the opposite?

    Basically I'm looking for a way to emulate up/down/left/right clicks with mouse movement, at a fast rate (i.e. lots of very short and quick right clicks while I move the mouse to the right)

    If I have to learn some scripting language to do it, ok, but I don't know if it would even be possible.

    Note: This is meant to work on fullscreen, and having a way to turn it on/off with an F# key would be awesome!

    Thanks for your time :)

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  • JMD

    OK, hopefully supplying a useful answer this time, instead of the inverse of the actual answer you wanted...

    How about an AutoHotkey script for mouse gestures? You haven't indicated what sort of control you require, so perhaps a set of gestures is adequate. If, however, you're looking to essentially replace the whole keyboard with one mouse, well, this may not be the answer you need. Or, good luck memorizing all those gestures. :-D

    As is so often the case, AutoHotkey is your tool. I won't bore you with extensive review or details, as Google (and even SuperUser) are loaded with info about it.

    EDIT: In fact, here's a ready-made script that'll enable you to use your numeric keypad as a mouse, with several customizations.

  • 8088

    If you're on Windows, what about the On-Screen Keyboard?

    It's found under All Programs -> Accessories -> Accessibility on XP (similar for Vista+)

    alt text

  • Joey

    If you want something where you can type with your mouse, then I suggest you take a look at Dasher.

    That is, if I take your question title as the question. As I really don't quite understand your question.