wireless networking - Load balance on home wifi

  • parker.sikand

    At my parents house (where I'm living for a few months) we have an ISP connection of 3 MBps down and 512 KBps up. On our network, we have a Roku box to stream videos from many sources, mostly Netflix. Whenever the Roku box is in use, the internet is almost useless. HTTP connections to web pages will go through after a couple tries. Is there anything I can do to mediate this issue?

    My wireless router is the generic POS that came with the ATT service, a 2Wire 2701HG-B. This issue is also present when someone on a computer is streaming anything from anywhere, such as a youtube video.

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  • northben

    You would need to use QOS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quality_of_service) to limit the bandwidth used by the Roku, or conversely, to reserve some bandwidth for web browsing traffic. I doubt your router can handle that. You might be able to reflash it with DD-WRT, but your best bet would be to look for a router that supports QOS out of the box.

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    wireless networking - Technologies for Streaming Audio Over a Wifi Network?
  • Yar

    What technologies (hardware/software) are available for streaming audio in realtime (with some latency, of course) over a Wifi network? Although I'm using mostly Macs, I would like something that any client can access (especially smart phones that can access Wifi).

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  • steve.lippert

    Subsonic can stream over WiFi or the internet. I have it running at home so I can listen to my music over the air from work on my PC or from my Android phone, but there is also an iPhone app.

  • xorbyte

    For the Mac/iPhone combo the tool you need is Airfoil. It can use an AirPort Express station or you can install the 'server' component on the machines you'd like to play through. It has a free companion app that will let your iPhone/iPod Touch become the 'speaker' as well.

  • whuppy

    For me: ices + icecast on the ubuntu server side; any stream player on the client side (e.g. XiiaLive Lite on the Android)