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  • Questioner

    one morning mail on my Mac was working perfectly

    at noon I updraded to Maverick

    then I could not send mails anymore!

    I could read my mails but not send them (though I changed nothing in the configuration) "authentification failed"!

    my SMTP servers (two of these university based) are ok ...(these ar not Gmail things!) So either:

    • the new version of Mail is no longer pleased with the servers credentials (though I checked these)
    • the new version of Mail sends wrong infomrmation (password) - but since these are still here I am wondering if there is some encoding fancy in the protocol that is not working anymore (yes there are accented characters in these informations!)

    What I can I do ? Can I downgrade and load an earlier version of the Mail tool ?

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  • Dan

    You are not alone:

    This line of text is only to make up enough characters to post.

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    Navicat Premium Essentials - Mac OS Maverick
  • Alberto Schiariti

    Do anyone know why since Maverick update, Navicat can't connect anymore to any database which is saved into "/Users/Username" folder?

    It keeps saying: "Database file path is not correct". If I copy/paste the same DB in any other folder it connects perfectly. I need to open DBs in that folder because that's the folder where Xcode put the Apps ones and I can't everytime I need to modify them, copy/paste them on my desktop and then put them back again.

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  • Jon Hart

    Im using the app store version of navicat. It worked fine in snow leopard, but in mavericks it can't read or write files in my home directory. I assume that this is due to changes in the app sandboxing in mavericks, and that once navicat update their capability requirements in the app store it will be fixed.

    In the meantime there are a couple of workarounds:

    • Download navicat from their site. It is not limited by sandboxing and works normally. The trial lasts for 30 days, hopefully navicat will release an update before then.
    • Put your data somewhere else with less restrictive permissions. I have moved mine to a root directory.

    I have used both methods, but prefer the second as I can continue to use my installed and configured copy of navicat.

  • napcae

    Please try to submit a ticket to Navicat as I don't think someone can help you here.

  • Per

    Have exactly the same problem. I think it is a language localization problem, where Navicat is unable to resolve the file path for non english versions of OSX Maverix. I copied my DB-file to an external USB drive, doubled clicked the DB-file, and it opened normally.