desktop - Make your Screensaver as a Wallpaper in Windows 7?

  • Matt Ridge

    I have an ASUS laptop, a G75V model. It has 16GB Ram, 2TB of HD space, and a 2GB 660M video card. It is also a 17" LCD at 1080 DPI resolution. It has an Intel i7 processor in it. So what I think I am asking is quite possible with the system I have in my possession.

    In Windows there is a way to make your screensaver appear to be your desktop wallpaper, without actually being it.

    Using this command in the command prompt. scrnsvr.scr /p65802 your screensaver of choice will overlap your desktop, but not become it.

    In OS X, it is very simple to make your screensaver override your desktop wallpaper by typing this in your terminal:

    /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ -background

    In Windows it seems to be impossible...

    Without using a 3rd party application, is there actually a way to make your screensaver into the actual wallpaper?

    This is what I'm talking about:

    What I don't want to do though is buy the app just to trick the OS to do what it seems to be able to do naturally with a purchase of an app, does this make any sense to anyone?

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  • Griffin

    I was able to find a site that claims to be able to do it. I have not done this myself so I do not know the validity but here is the link.

  • cjb110

    No, not without using a third party program. Windows does not provide that functionality.

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    Windows 7 and wallpaper folders
  • Andi

    I try to change my desktop wallpaper and I cannot choose a different folder from the one I chose at first...

    When I first installed W7 I changed the wallpaper by right-clicking in the desktop and choosing Customize (maybe it's not correct because I use the italian version) and then Change Wallpaper in the bottom and finally I browsed for a folder with some images in and chose the wallpaper. When I do the same exact things now, the folder I select in the final pass is not selected: I mean its pictures are not shown and it doesn't appear in the drop-down list.

    I can put a specific picture as a wallpaper by selecting it through Explorer, and some times (not always) the folder shows in the drop-down list.

    Is there any possible solution to this?

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  • Arend

    Had the same problem with not being able to browse for a different folder for background images. Turns out it happened after I removed the Pictures library. Simply using the 'Restore default libraries' command seemed to solve the problem.

  • TFM

    You could place you own wallpaper images under "C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper", that's the location Windows is using for the images shown in the list.

  • greyDrifter

    I just want to keep my photos in their original position - I'm looking at the path: Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization\Desktop Background

    If you desire to keep your pictures where they are then consider adding directory to your photo library. (select the library, properties, include folder) 'Choose your desktop background', picture location: picture library (select pictures) While, I still don't fully understand the Libraries, I am finding the concept more appealing as it allows me to keep a secondary structuring when booting an alternate OS.

    But if you desire any of MS's released wallpaper packs, this might not be what you desire.

    (How must it be before it is considered necromancy to reply to a question?)

  • Jonathan

    You should try this guide how to add pictures into the existing themes and How to Create and Share Themes in Windows 7

    Hope those will help you :)