Matlab can't run on windows 7

  • dato datuashvili

    I have installed Matlab a long time ago and now when I am trying to run couldn't do it. More deeply, I am trying Matlab as double clicking mouse on it's icon as well right click and run as administrator but unfortunately It shows me matlab for a few seconds and disappeard suddenly. What is wrong?

    Why can't run it? Just note that after some trying, maybe matlab will run,but it takes to long time. So I think that it is has a some problem with it's compatibility, but I couldn't find reason and fix it.

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  • Contango

    Try reinstalling Matlab from the original DVD.

  • Daniel
    • Go to the Matlab icon, right click and go to Properties.

    • Click the Compatibility tab and select “Windows 2000” from the drop down in the Compatibility group. Click “OK” and you are done. Simple it is

    (make sure to enable the " Run this program in compatibility mode for "


  • Contango

    Try running Matlab directly by clicking on its .exe:

    For the 32-bit version of Windows:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB

    For the 64-bit version of Windows:

    C:\Program Files\MATLAB
  • Contango

    Try turning UAC (User Account Control) off:

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  • William Hilsum

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