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  • Keshav Prasad

    When I use the Microsoft equation editor, if I have a word that is greater than 10 characters in length, the equation editor automatically breaks the word and puts spaces in between them when the object is embedded in a powerpoint slide. For example-

    If I have the word "automatically" in the equation editor, it shows up just fine when I am editing the text in the equation editor. But when I update this object to the powerpoint slide, it shows up as "automatica lly". There is a tab or 5 spaces between "automcatica" and "lly". Is there any way to solve this problem?

    Thanks! -Keshav

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  • Humberto Barreto

    I have been frustrated with this problem as well, and found a way around it. Instead of typing text in equation editor, try making a text box. In Excel, this is done using the drawing toolbar (View -> Toolbars -> Drawing). Leave a blank space in equation editor where you want to place your 10+ character word. Then just place the text box over that space and there ya go. You need to create the text boxes after creating the equation object for them to appear above the equation.

    It's not really a solution to the problem, but after wasting over an hour trying to figure this out, it's the best I could come up with. Good Luck!


  • Jeff B

    Think I've figured out a work-around. Type your equation (in Math style), then highlight the phrase you want to add spaces to, and select Text style. Now add the spaces to your words. Finally, highlight the correctly-spaced phrase again, and change the style back to Math. The spaces will remain where you placed them, and it seems that the mysterious added spacing goes away. Only issue is that your phrase will appear in italics now.

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    Why do funky characters show up in these Microsoft Word equations?
  • mipadi

    A colleague sent me a document created with Microsoft Office 2007 that contains equations. On her end, the document looks fine; however, on my end, the equations show up with these funky characters overlaid on them:

    alt text

    Why do these weird characters show up, and how do I fix it? The equations appear like this in both .doc and .docx documents.

    Additionally, when I double-click on the equations to edit them, I get a warning that the equations were created with a newer version of the equation editor, and when I close the editing window, the equations are gone completely. I think this might indicate a compatibility problem, but I am not sure of a solution.

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  • alex

    Well, you sort of answered your own question, unfortunately. The newer Equation editor is not 100% compatible; some characters will turn out different in older versions of Equation editor. I think there is a way to save the formulas in Word 2007 using the compatible version, although I can't remember if it's possible.

    You can read more about it in this article. Here's a short summary:

    An equation created using the new Word 2007 equation editor will appear as an image that cannot be edited when you subsequently open the document in Word 2003. This is the case whether you saved the document in .docx (Word 2007) or in .doc (Word 2003) format.

    However, it also shows how to create an equation in Word 2007 that can be read and edited in Wrod 2003.

  • Ivo Flipse

    I think there is indeed a compatibility problem in the equation editor

    If she didn't have an equation editor she wouldn't be able to edit them

    The only way to verify if YOUR version isn't the cause, try it on someone else's computer as well, to see if it's her or you causing the problem.

  • 8088

    I had the same problem and it was driving me nuts. Equations in PowerPoint showed up correctly on my laptop, but incorrectly (like yours) on my desktop, even though I am running the same operating system and Office 2007 on both. I finally fixed it with the help of the following article. I have a font manager installed and the "Symbol" font was not activated, so Equation Editor was substituting "Wingdings" instead, resulting in the incorrect characters. Hopefully this will work for you.