windows 7 - Mirroring laptop screen to TV wirelessly

  • Imrul.H

    I have a HP DV6 laptop and a SAMSUNG UE46F6505 smart TV.

    How can I connect/mirror my laptop to the TV wirelessly without an HDMI cable? Both the laptop and TV are connected the wireless router. I want to use the TV as an extra monitor for my laptop. I don't wanna buy other devices to do this. Is it possible?

    Laptop configuration:

    • Intel Core i7 3rd gen
    • 6 GB RAM
    • Windows 7
    • NVIDIA GeForce graphics card
  • Answers
  • tbenz9

    As far as I know, without additional hardware this is not possible. I'm sorry.

  • c0dev

    Without any additional hardware you cant stream your screen to the TV.

    You need something like that to connect your PC with your TV.

  • briankb

    You mentioned not wanting to buy anything, but I would recommend doing so. The Chromecast can be perform screen mirroring:

    enter image description here

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    raid - Cancel mirror synchronisation in Windows 7
  • Chris W

    I've got basic disk OS managed disk mirroring setup in Windows 7 for a couple of volumes. After a power failure the mirrors are currently resynching. These are only small volumes of data but the sync has not completed after more than 24 hours.

    Is there any way to stop this as it's driving me nuts? I need to get the machine back to a usable state to get some work done but it's a bit of a dog whilst this synch is going on.

    I've tried removing the mirrors but it won't let me do that whilst the re-sync is in progress.

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  • Chris W

    Doh - I've answered it already.

    Marking the 2nd disk as offline caused the sync to fail. I was then able to put it back online and remove the mirrors. I'll reinstate these another time when I've got some free time (or maybe not bother and just mirror my data with Allway Sync instead).