windows 7 - MS-DOS application sending screen output to LPT printer

  • gadget00

    We have a MS-DOS application(coded in FoxPro), and recently had this glitch: the screen menu of the application without reason starts printing in an LPT Panasonic KX-1150 printer. It's a never ending print of all the screens of the application, as if the main output instead of sending it to the monitor, sends it to the printer! It creates a unnamed document with N/D pages and keeps printing forever. We have to turn the printer off and then kill the document in the spool to stop it...

    The printer is installed with a Generic/Text driver, and has happened to us both in WindowsXP and Win7. What can this be?

    Thanks in advance

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  • hdhondt

    As it's a DOS application, then I can think of only 2 ways in which the output can be redirected:

    1. Something has changed within the app itself. This is totally dependent on the app, and I cannot make any further comments.
    2. The app is started with its output redirected, as in:

    APP > LPT1:

    As you probably do not start the app from a command line with this redirection, you need to check the batch file that starts it. Right-click its icon and select EDIT, to open it in NotePad. If that looks normal, then my first suggestion is where your problem lies.

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    HP Printer odd behaviour in Vista Home Basic
  • Ricardo

    I Have a HP 1018 printer. In my previous PC (with vista home premium) it worked just fine, and still works. In my new PC, which came with vista home basic, the printing almost never works. What happens is as follows

    1 - I install the printer, windows says its ok. 2 - I send a document to print. 3 - Printer screen (spool) shows the document for 1 or 2 seconds and then it disappear.

    For two times it worked after numerous reinstallations, and after I restart my computer it stop working again.

    Any Ideas?

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  • kinokijuf

    Similar problem I have with HP's other printer.

    Make a batch file as below to stop and restart printer service and save it as resetPrinter.cmd in your windows directory.

    net stop Spooler
    net start Spooler

    Now, when every it misbehaves, you just go to run command window and type resetPrinter and press Enter.

    Thats what I also do.

    Tip: Because it needs Run as administrator, in your windows folder, go to the properties of resetPrinter.cmd file. Select Run as Administrator check box in Compatibility tab. This will prompt you to run as administrator every time. But this will save you from opening up an elevated command prompt to run resetPrinter command.

  • Kenneth Cochran

    My first suggestion would be to check HP's website to see if this is a known issue. You can and should download the latest drivers for your printer if they are available.

    Also, its possible however unlikely that you accidentally selected the Print to file as the port the printer is attached to. This would produce similar behavior. (Though it would prompt for a file name with each print job)

  • William Hilsum

    The edition of Windows should not make a difference (other than if one was 32bit and the other was 64bit).

    I just had a client who had problems with an HP printer on Vista, the shipped CD had bad incompatible drivers despite it saying they were.

    I would first uninstall all trace of HP software and drivers then Click here and download the latest version of the drivers and then reinstall from scratch.