windows 7 - Multiple "My Documents" folders?

  • Flasimbufasa

    I am having the issue, where, I have 2 folders called "My Documents". I recently edited my registry to make "Document" link in the Windows 7 start menu be a FOLDER link and not a LIBRARY link..

    Here is the Registry Key information for the Documents key:

    Key Name:          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FolderDescriptions\{7b0db17d-9cd2-4a93-9733-46cc89022e7c}
    Class Name:        <NO CLASS>
    Last Write Time:   3/2/2011 - 2:33 AM
    Value 0
      Name:            Attributes
      Type:            REG_DWORD
      Data:            0x1
    Value 1
      Name:            Category
      Type:            REG_DWORD
      Data:            0x4
    Value 2
      Name:            Icon
      Type:            REG_EXPAND_SZ
      Data:            %SystemRoot%\system32\imageres.dll,-1002
    Value 3
      Name:            LocalizedName
      Type:            REG_EXPAND_SZ
      Data:            @%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-34575
    Value 4
      Name:            Name
      Type:            REG_SZ
      Data:            Documents
    Value 5
      Name:            PublishExpandPath
      Type:            REG_DWORD
      Data:            0x1
    Value 6
      Name:            PrecCreate
      Type:            REG_DWORD
      Data:            0x1
    Value 7
      Name:            RelativePath
      Type:            REG_SZ
      Data:            Documents
    Value 8
      Name:            Roamable
      Type:            REG_DWORD
      Data:            0x1

    Also, Navigating through computer to "C:\Users\Flasimbufasa\" Only shows one folder called "Documents"

    However, whenever I navigate to user profile from "Desktop\Flasimbufasa" I get 2 Document folders.

    Any help?

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    windows 7 - Pictures clicked on Start Menu's Recent Items list opens in non default program
  • jay

    I am using Picasa Photo Viewer and have associated all JPG and PNG files to open with it. However when I open an image from the Recent Items list in the Windows 7 Start Menu it opens with Windows Photo Viewer.

    recent items with images

    The context menu for such items reveals no actions that would make it go to Windows Photo Viewer, and the default (one in bold) opens with the Picasa viewer as you'd expect. It's just that the left click behaves differently for some reason.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    The output from reg query hkcr\.jpg /s:

    C:\Users\Jay>reg query hkcr\.jpg /s
            Content Type    REG_SZ    image/jpeg
        (Default)    REG_SZ    jpegfile
        PerceivedType    REG_SZ    image
        (Default)    REG_SZ
        (Default)    REG_SZ
        jpegfile    REG_SZ
        (Default)    REG_SZ    {098f2470-bae0-11cd-b579-08002b30bfeb}

    The output from reg query hkcr\jpegfile /s:

    C:\Users\Jay>reg query hkcr\jpegfile /s
        (Default)    REG_SZ    JPEG Image
        EditFlags    REG_DWORD    0x10000
        FriendlyTypeName    REG_EXPAND_SZ    @%SystemRoot%\System32\shell32.dll,-305
        ImageOptionFlags    REG_DWORD    0x1
        (Default)    REG_SZ    {25336920-03F9-11cf-8FD0-00AA00686F13}
        (Default)    REG_EXPAND_SZ    %SystemRoot%\System32\imageres.dll,-72
        MuiVerb    REG_EXPAND_SZ    @%ProgramFiles%\Windows Photo Viewer\photoviewer
        (Default)    REG_EXPAND_SZ    %SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe "%ProgramFi
    les%\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll", ImageView_Fullscreen %1
        Clsid    REG_SZ    {FFE2A43C-56B9-4bf5-9A79-CC6D4285608A}
        (Default)    REG_EXPAND_SZ    "%SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe" "%SystemR
    oot%\System32\shimgvw.dll",ImageView_PrintTo /pt "%1" "%2" "%3" "%4"

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  • Hugh Allen

    You should be able to fix it using the registry editor. Run regedit.exe and navigate to the key


    Change the (Default) value to the path (and filename) of Picasa Photo Viewer. You might also like to delete the MuiVerb value in the shell\open key - I think it will affect the text displayed for the "open" action in the context menu.

    EDIT: it might be better to do the following instead: navigate to


    and change the (Default) value to Google.PhotoViewer.3.0 (assuming you have at least version 3 of Picasa)

  • harrymc

    Start -> "All Programs" -> "Picasa 3" -> "Configure Picasa Photo Viewer"
    to configure which image types it will be the default viewer for.