windows 7 - My Folders Become Hidden System Files And Access Denied?

  • echolab

    I have an external hard disk , just connected to another system and when i connected to my own computer one of my folders which contain photos become hidden system files AND all folders in it rename to same name !?!? and my access is denied ( Screenshot )

    enter image description here

    I tried to change ownership but i can't

    Any solution !?

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  • Bork Blatt

    There is a good chance the external drive is infected with malware that spreads using the AutoRun / AutoPlay functionality in Windows. Unfortunately there is usually a financial motive behind such malware - it can encrypt files on your system and then show you a message demanding payment for the restoration of your data - almost like a digital version of kidnapping. If your data is encrypted and you don't have a backup, the news is not good. If the malware is less sophisticated and all it has done is rename and change rights, there is still a chance of recovery, but you are going to need to find a VERY technically skilled (and patient) friend or company to assist you in recovering your data. You aren't going to learn these skills overnight if you don't already possess them.

    The best option would be to entirely erase and reformat both your computer and your external drive, and restore from a clean backup. If you don't have a clean backup, you have probably lost your data permanently, I'm sorry to say.

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  • NLV

    Yesterday I got win32.Saltiy virus and did some damage before my Kaspersky suite caught it. Now I've cleaned all the viruses using Kaspersky but I believe the changes it did to the registry/policies are still there.

    I'm not able to have write access on the entire file system. It is showing up the access denied the error. I'm in the local system administrators group. I've tried removing and re-adding it (with a reboot). But still no luck.

    Any ideas on how can I fix this?

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  • mic84

    I hope this provides something you have not already tried and is useful.
    Is the administrator account still active for your account,virus not changed
    Logon as adminstrator by way of cmd-active,etc
    Has any encyption been turned on.
    Have you checked that the loacl security policy/ group policy has not been changed.
    Do you have a system restore point that will take you back before the virus, if it is your registry that has been changed then a restore could help.-hope something works.
    This site explains how to access the contents of your system restore,this could tell you if changes have happened.

  • Weltenwanderer

    Have you tried to take ownership of the files and then assign your permissions again?

  • NLV

    In fact it was not the virus that caused the trouble. I detached my lap from the domain couple of days ago and reattached it. That was the problem. I again detached it and reattached to the domain today and it solved all the issues.