Mythtv user jobs prior to commercial flagging jobs?

  • PLA

    I would like my Mythtv user jobs to execute prior to commercial flagging jobs. Is there a setting for this?

    Background: I have a user job that sends a dent to my account when a recording is finished. Since I'm doing commercial flagging the dent is delayed until the commercial flagging is finished. How can I get my user job in the queue ahead of the commercial flagging job?

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  • PLA

    I moved mythcommflag to a user job. I positioned it after my user job. Now the dent is created before the commercial flagging user job starts. Thanks to @justinblah on Twitter for this tip.

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    Watching MythTV on windows
  • pgs

    I've got a MythTV backend running happily on a headless linux server, and I can control it via mythweb, including downloading and watching recorded programs in windows.

    My next step is to watch live TV and recorded shows over the network. Is there any software that does this?

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  • Mark Pim

    There's WinMyth and you can also try MythTvPlayer but their both still quite experimental so YMMV

  • pgs

    Well, I've got the mythbox script for XBMC working happily for recorded shows, but with some slight audio stuttering for live TV, which disappears if I rewind a few seconds.

    Edit: Getting a lot closer and happier using a pre-built Windows frontend.

  • opello

    I just use XBMC with MythTV's UPnP support. Works well enough for playback, but don't have as much control as a proper Myth Frontend; and doesn't do commercial skipping.