Open Multiple Instances of Outlook 2007 Simultaneously with Google Apps Sync

  • nicorellius

    Is there a way to do this? I have several accounts all using Outlook 2007 and all using Google Apps Sync. But in order to access each mailbox I have to shut down Outlook and then open it again and choose the profile I want. It would be nice if I could open multiple instances of Outlook. I tried simply opening one instance with one already open but nothing happens (or, rather, it takes me to the open instance). Usually What I do is have one open online and one with Outlook, but now I have more than two, so this becomes a pain.

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  • techie007

    You can get multiple copies of Outlook running by removing the "/recycle" switch from the shortcut you're using to launch Outlook.

    The "Email" shortcut on the start menu probably not going to let you do this (as it's a 'special' shortcut).

    If you have no other shortcuts to Outlook to edit, then create yourself a new one. The default run path for Outlook 2007 is "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE"

    Normally when Windows makes Outlook shortcuts, it's the same path, only with the afore-mentioned "/recycle" switch appended to the end to make it use the same copy of Outlook over and over.

    Hope that helps...

  • nicorellius

    Apparently this cannot be completed how I want it... The best I can do is open several accounts in several browsers, and have one open in Outlook. I can have one Outlook Express and.or Thunderbird, but these are not desirable clients to me.

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    Free tool for Synchronizing Google Contacts and Calendar with Outlook
  • spaetzel

    I had been using Plaxo to Synchronize my Google Contacts and Calendar with Outlook 2007. But just found out that is will start costing $59 a year to use that feature, so I'm looking for a replacement.

    I know about Google Calendar Sync, but need a way to sync the contacts as well. I'd prefer to have a single tool that does both.

    Any suggestions?

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  • MicTech

    It's not free, but cheap

    CompanionLink for Google

    • $29.95 per user - one-time.
  • 8088

    Not the easiest solution, but still free!

    Sync Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar with Outlook

    Google Calendar Sync Download page:


    • Read through the Google Calendar Sync Terms of Service, and click I Agree.
    • Follow through the Installation Options and click Install to finish the set-up process.
    • Once Google Calendar Sync is installed on your computer, the Google Calendar Sync Settings window will appear:

    enter image description here

    Just enter your email/password and click Save. If you don’t want to sync back to Google Calendar choose “1 way: Google Calendar to Microsoft Outlook”

    You are now syncing Google Calendar with Outlook!

    Go Contact Sync Download page:

    As the name says this is the plugin that’s gonna sync your Gmail Contacts. It supports contact categories and contact photos so your contacts will look exactly the same.


    Follow the setup instructions.. After installed, choose Start > All Programs > GO Contact Sync

    enter image description here

    Just enter your email/password, make sure Sync Profile is not empty (enter any text, the program doesn’t allow it to be empty) and click Sync. Also check “Run program at startup“ .

    You may be prompted by Outlook that a program is trying to access it. Grant permission to it for 5 minutes.

    You are now syncing Gmail Contacts with Outlook!


    Because Go Contact is still in beta you may some notices from the program that an error has ocurred. I found that a restart to the program solves it. I don’t know what the error means but a future release should correct the bug.

    Also you are not limited to Outlook. With your Outlook synced you can keep your mobile also synced without spending money; I keep my Nokia N70 synced by bluetooth (maybe a future blog post). I just tell Nokia Suite to sync Outlook with my Nokia everytime its in range and now I have Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts on my pocket 24/7.

  • Ivo Flipse

    GCalDaemon from a Lifehacker post

    Two-way update and sync between your desktop and the web is the ultimate golden ticket; it gives you offline access, local backup and the rich desktop experience while dealing with data stored in the cloud. With GCalDaemon running, you can view and update your Google Calendar from any desktop calendar program - even if you're offline. Additionally, you can access your Gmail contacts list in a desktop email program or address book like Thunderbird or Outlook Express.

  • Ivo Flipse

    Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

    From another Lifehacker post

    Windows only: Google Apps Sync is a new free utility from Google that syncs your Google Apps (Premier or Education edition) email, contacts, and calendar directly with Microsoft Outlook.

    With this move, Google's looking to compete more directly with Microsoft Exchange, the business standard for syncing Outlook's email, calendar, and contacts via the web. Features include:

    • Email, calendar, and contacts synchronization. For email, the plug-in uses the offline Gmail protocol, which is much faster than IMAP or other methods.
    • Free/Busy lookup and Global Address List functionality, which makes it easy to schedule meetings with your colleagues, regardless of whether they use Outlook's calendar or Google Calendar.
    • A simple, two-click data migration tool which allows employees to easily copy existing data from Exchange or Outlook into Google Apps.
  • Mike Wills

    Wouldn't Google sync work? It is for mobile devices, but it appears to use the Exchange protocols. Would be worth trying out.