firefox - Opening .pdf's on Google Drive using Adobe Acrobat

  • Kate

    Note: this is a question about Google Drive, not Firefox options.

    I've been using Google Drive and Docs a lot, so I tend to keep .PDFs on Drive as well just for convenient storage.

    But I don't like reading .PDFs using Google's viewer. I'd prefer Adobe Acrobat.

    I have Firefox set to use the Adobe Acrobat plugin, which works fine for browsing the internet. But when I open a .PDF which I've previously saved to Google Drive, the browser uses Google Docs' viewer, even though I'm not converting the .PDFs to Docs' format when I download them.

    I've tried to find a Drive-compatible Google Apps version of Acrobat but there doesn't seem to be one. And the "File" menu "Open With" in Google Viewer gives me only one option (Google Docs).

    Anyone know the answer? Thanks.

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  • Rik

    And you really only want to use the plugin to view the PDF?

    Because you can open the PDF in "Adobe Reader" directly from the file list by clicking some white space next to the file in the list (or selecting the checkbox) and pressing More and then Download. After that you can choose Open with: Adobe reader. You could even choose to open it as default (instead of downloading).

    Right-click and choosing Download also works.

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  • Bruce Connor

    I prefer Foxit Reader over Google Docs, but whenever I receive a PDF file over Gmail I have to either download it or view it in Google Docs.

    Is there a script (or any other way) to open Gmail PDF files on my browser's standard PDF reader (Foxit) instead of Google Docs?

    If it's relevant, I use Firefox and Windows.

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  • A Dwarf

    If you activate the Foxit Reader Firefox plugin (which can be done when installing Foxit Reader or through Firefox' Tools menu->Add-ons->Plugins->Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla), you can then click the attachment link Download (instead of View) and you will get the option to see it in Firefox through that plugin.

    You cannot use Foxit reader without downloading the attachment. It will however be downloaded to a temp folder and removed once you close the firefox tab where the document is being displayed.

  • stevieB

    You can choose print from the file menu, then cancel print. Google docs switches to Adobe Reader in order to print.

  • studiohack

    stevieB's answer is correct -- if you print then cancel printing, this is apparently the only way to force gmail to use your browser's MIME type association for displaying content instead of ramming google docs' viewers down your throat. This is extremely frustrating as Safari has a REAL and fast in-browser PDF viewer that lets me see PDF content correctly without having to go through the painful download,wait,close download window,open downloads folder,figure out which file is the one i just downloaded,double click,wait for app to open,and finally view.