osx - OS/X Mavericks won't download in App Store

  • Mike Christensen

    I tried to download OS/X Mavericks through the App Store yesterday. However, I had to leave work before it was done downloading and shut down the machine while it was downloading.

    I assumed I'd be able to resume the download, or start over again later.

    However, now there's no way to get it to download again. When I find OS/X Mavericks in the store, I click on the "Download" link. It asks for my Apple ID which I enter, and it does absolutely nothing. It doesn't begin downloading, and it just still shows the "Download" button. Clicking on it again does nothing.

    I'm thinking there's something stuck somewhere, like some flag that says this download is in progress or it has already been downloaded. Is there some way to clear that out so I can start downloading it again?

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  • TheCompander

    Try checking your Purchases in the App Store to see if its there, if so you should be able to resume it and/or install it from here if its completed downloading. See https://support.apple.com/kb/HT4485.

    You should also be able to clear a download from the Purchases section by clicking the 'X' which would appear next to the 'Status Button' of the item you wish to clear.

    For example in the picture below if you hover your mouse over to the left of the 'Downloaded' button a 'X' should appear.

    enter image description here

    In your case that Status Button should say 'Resume', you can choose to resume by clicking on it or clearing it by hovering to the left of the button until the 'X' appears.

    Failing that, call Apple customer service, they should be able to help.

    EDIT: try checking for unfinished downloads via the menu bar and signing out/in and retrying the download.

    App Store Menu Bar Options

    EDIT: try checking and resuming the download in your Launchpad, progress should be shown on/in Launchpad. you can also delete the App in Launchpad by clicking and holding on the App until a close 'X' appears on the App. Then try re-downloading the App from the App Store.

    Launchpad download progress

  • stevo81989

    Might be a shot in the dark but quit the App Store, open up your terminal and run this:

    sudo rm -rf /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Mavericks.app

    It may have gotten corrupt and cant be overwritten when it tries to download again. Then open your app store back up and give it another shot. Also please be careful. The RM command is a powerful and dangerous tool. You should definitely have good backups :)

  • harrymc

    From Partial Maverick OS X download aborted, how to force re-download? :

    I was having the same issue, and found a solution that does not require a reboot. Whenever I encounter an error in the Maverick download I,

    Step 1: Copy (Cmd+C) the "OSX Mavericks" app package from the Applications folder

    Step 2: Move (Cmd+Opt+V) it to another folder, say downloads

    Step 3: Close Mac App Store

    Step 4: Move the "OSX Mavericks" file back to the applications folder

    Step 5: Double click "OSX Mavericks" and it resumes the download (rather than starting a fresh new download)

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    osx - iTunes causes the entire system to crash when downloading some media OS X
  • msanford

    I've had this problem for many versions of OS X and iTunes, though I'm currently running OS X 10.6.5 and iTunes 10.1 (54).

    Sometimes, when downloading lots of Podcasts or iTunes U media, particularly when multiple downloads are enabled, I get:

    1. The spinning beach ball over the iTunes window, but if iTunes is playing a video or music, it continues to play.
    2. Other apps (like VLC) continue to run.
    3. But I am unable to interact with the system or with any running apps and have to force restart with the power button.


    1. No application is able send traffic over the network (Adium fails to receive new messages, pages in Firefox stop downloading).
    2. I can't start any new apps, like the Terminal to look at what's going on — they pulse in the dock for some amount of time and then simply fail to start.
    3. I can't invoke the force quit dialogue (nothing happens).
    4. The mouse remains responsive, though after a time, I'm unable to focus on new windows.
    5. Apple Menu > Restart/Shut Down/Logout do nothing.
    6. The sleep button doesn't put the computer to sleep (it does nothing). Holding it shuts the machine down, which is my only recourse.

    So, any ideas? I repair permissions daily (cron task), repaired the disk from the Snow Leopard DVD, checked out DiskWarrior, all to no avail.

    An AKB article suggested moving my iTunes Library to an external volume, but I'm not interested in doing that.

    What would be causing iTunes to crash my entire system? There doesn't, sadly, seem to be any helpful output from syslogd that correlates to the time of the crash. Could it be a corrupted iTunes Music Library?

    EDIT — ADDITIONAL NOTES: I have discovered a line in system.log that I thought was inserted right after I booted, but it looks like it might be crash related

    iTunes[239]: INSERT-HANG-DETECTED: Tx time:5.596774, # of Inserts: 157, # of bytes written: 931894, Did shrink: NO

    EDIT — FURTHER NOTES: I have attempted to reproduce the crash with SpinControl running. Interestingly, I've seen iTunesHelper hang for the maximum sampling time, as well as iTunes, but not Finder. Even more interestingly (and infuriatingly) SpinControl crashes when I attempt to open logs flagged as "Very Unpleasant" or "App never recovered".

    Following from some more research into people with vaguely similar problems, I have:

    1. Rebuilt the iTunes Library (by trashing iTunesLibrary.xml and letting iTunes rebuild one); and
    2. Re-installed the Mac OS X 10.6.5 Updater (Combo) as well as iTunes and repaired permissions.

    We'll see if either of those fix the problem.


    I was so fed up with the problem persisting and bringing my system down, being unable to track down the problem (which could be anything from some random kext required by one of my numerous attached hardware devices to simply poor error handling).

    Continued in a new question: iTunes OS X full system crash cont'd: is a bad media file the culprit? How do I isolate it?


    It seems that this is a (hardware?) bug with the Intel iMacs and Mac Minis, as I discovered in this thread on Apple Support (which admittedly wasn't easy to find with that title, but it fits my problem to a tee).

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  • harriba

    I've got a very similar issue (2008 24'' iMac with Snow Leopard + all the latest patches). A freeze can be triggered by trying to download a few 1.5G podcasts using iTunes (TV shows). Also, installing Starcraft II required several reboots because of freezes :(

    The only good thing so far is that on safe mode there were no freezes, at least based on one test.

    An open shell during a freeze is interesting: Every command (including 'ls' for example) gives Permission denied. Also, the top menu items lose their marbles, Airport menu reverts to resource IDs (stuff like txtAirportTogglePower) or empty strings. Syslogd takes 10-30% of the CPU time. Very infuriatingly nothing at all shows up on console or any of the logs during a freeze. Spin Control noted that Firefox and Skype become unresponsive, and after that Spin Control itself went unresponsive.

    Now unistalled vmware, EyeTV and every other unneeded app. iTunes is now syncing 110G of stuff to my AppleTV while Time Machine is doing a backup, no freezes so at least so far so good.

  • Aaron

    It sounds like it's not iTunes, might be the Finder freezing up, probably due to a momentary drop in your network connection. In my experience, when the Mac loses connection to a network, Finder craps the bed and it takes, sometimes, a few before Finder and the system's network connection get themselves back together. I'v experienced what you are, just not as frequently. Loss of network connectivity is typically the culprit.

  • Robin

    I have exactly the same problem, had it with leopard and snow leopard. It seems to happen particularly when downloading multiple HD video files from itunes.

    The only way I have managed to get round this problem is to turn off "multiple downloads" on the download page in itunes - not great when downloading an HD TV-series.

  • kiamlaluno

    The fix is to disable Podcasts in iTunes, completely.