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  • Jack

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    temp files are taking up all my free space.If i open a 250MB file it creates a temp of approx.2GB.and these files making my photo shop damn slow,how to stop PS making such big temp files?? every time i do delete it manually but it makes my photoshop more horrible all setting changed automatically after every delete..

    please help

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  • lawndartcatcher

    Koiyu is right - you should probably shoot this over to Super User. In the meantime, you might try moving your primary scratch disk to a different hard drive. Go to Preferences -> Performance and select a different scratch disk. A firewire or USB 2.0 external hard drive should work fine. You can also address your Memory usage in that same tab.

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    What’s a good way to extract the layers from a PhotoShop file, without using PhotoShop?
  • Paul D. Waite

    I would install PhotoShop. I really would. But Adobe seems to insist on me also having Adobe Bridge, and Adobe Updater, and something else — about a gigabyte of software I don’t want gumming up my system.

    But I still want to be able to extract the layers from a PhotoShop file as images, with transparency preserved. I’m a fussy one.

    Any tools that do this, aside from PhotoShop itself?

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  • nixda

    You can use Paint.Net with the PSD plugin (+ support thread) to open the PSD file, and then copy and paste individual layers to new documents.

    Newer plugin releases may not work with old versions. But you can try out older plugin versions.
    For example the PSD Plugin v1.04 works well with Paint.NET v3.3.6

    The same objective can also be fulfilled with The Gimp, but it is a much bigger install than Paint.Net.

  • stib

    Imagemagick can do it, it's a 6.4MB, free - as in Richard Stallman - download.

  • andygrunt

    Try the free online painting software Pixlr. It allows you to load and edit PSD's without the need to install anything.

    Adobe also have a free online version of Photoshop but I'm not sure it allows you to upload and edit PSDs.

  • Paul D. Waite

    On the Mac, Pixelmator can access the layers in PhotoShop files.

  • Django Reinhardt

    Adobe Bridge and Adobe Updater take about 130MB on your HD, not 1GB. (And this is from the latest version of Photoshop.) It's a necessary evil and well worth it, but I appreciate your frustration.

    I'd bite the bullet if I were you.