pin TWO folder shortcuts as separate icons on Windows 7 taskbar?

  • Andrew Heath

    pin TWO folder shortcuts as separate icons on Windows 7 taskbar? I did this all the time on XP

    Now, when I drag and drop a folder shortcut to my Windows 7 taskbar, it lumps them all in together.

    How can I have each folder shortcut show as its own icon?

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  • kispiox

    Short version of fix in case these links don't work in the future:

    Create a shortcut to the explorer folder on your desktop, then edit the location of the shortcut so that it says "explorer" before the path. You can also change the icon by going to the shortcut --> Change Icon option. Then, pin the shortcut to the start bar.

    Do note that since this is a shortcut and not an app that you're pinning, when you click the shortcut, the window will open under the main Explorer icon.

    Personally, I'm a big fan of using the official pin feature to pin folders to the Explorer app (keeps the start bar clean), but I'm guessing since you're asking specifically how to pin the icon separately, that you've considered that option. But wanted to mention it as an option just in case.

  • KCotreau

    I don't know if you like the new task bar, but I HATE it. I use the "Free Launch Bar". It gives you back the old task bar, including a quick-launch equivalent. After you install it, you enable it by right-clicking the taskbar>Toolbar>click Free Launch Bar. It is awesome, imo.

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  • mxmissile

    If I want to add a shortcut to any folder on my HD it pins them to the "Pinned" section of the Windows Explorer icon on my Taskbar. So to get to one of these shortcuts, I have to right click on the icon then click on the specific shortcut.

    Is there a way to add icons on the Taskbar for each of these shortcuts?

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  • 8088

    You can actually pin the folder to Windows 7 tasbar (and I don't mean that it appears in the jump list).

    alt text

    1. First, create a new shortcut (right-click > new > shortcut)
    2. in the shortcut, you should be keying in the value like this %systemdrive%\explorer.exe /E::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} for a shortcut to "My Computer"
    3. Right-click the shortcut, and choose "Pin to Taskbar".

    There ya go - cumbersome, but hey it works. For a list of other codes to different system folders (such as "My Documents"), check this page out. If you want to have a shortcut to a normal folder (not any of 7's preset folders), you can just use this shortcut value :

    %systemdrive%\explorer.exe /E "C:\Users\scoopdreams\worlddomination"

    That will let me directly access my world domination plans with one-click.

    P.S You can also change the icon of the shortcut, and then re-pin to the taskbar with the new icon. Also a tip, you might want to move the shortcut to some out-of-the-way folders, so it doesn't get in the way.

  • Lucas McCoy

    One way you could do this would be to create a folder full of shortcuts to these locations. Then pin the shortcut to the taskbar. Remember to change the shortcut icon before you pin it to the taskbar.