"Recently Bookmarked" bookmarks in Firefox lost

  • iffi

    I accidentally deleted my Recently Bookmarked Bookmarks feed in Firefox. How can I bring it back?

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  • Vandelizer

    Go into organize bookmarks. Click on third button on the top (Import and Backup) and go into restore. Pick the previous day and hit ok. This will restore all of your previous bookmarks from yesterday.

  • monkey

    You can recreate it using the special places urls. Which query bookmarks sqlite. Can be overkill for this part, however You can for example: increase amount of 'recent bookmarks' displayed.


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  • Pops

    I just did a routine upgrade of my Firefox from 3.6.4 to 3.6.6 and lost most of my bookmarks. The bookmarks I have now are the ones I had about six months ago. Nothing that happened during the update process indicated any kind of problem to me (warnings, crashes, "unable to update foo at this time" messages). I did update a handful of add-ons for 3.6.6; mostly big ones like AdBlock Plus, Greasemonkey and the like.

    I've found three resources about this but none were useful:

    The one thing I did glean from those resources is that FF seems to like to keep lots of copies of bookmarks around. Is there somewhere else I can go to manually restore the old ones, or at least find the URLs so I can load them and re-bookmark them manually? A more automatic solution would be preferred, but I'm not holding out too much hope for that.

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  • Mehper C. Palavuzlar

    In Firefox 1.5 and above, 5 daily bookmark backup files are saved in the "bookmarkbackups" folder (in .json format), located in the Firefox profile folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\bookmarkbackups

    Mozilla states that you must recover one of these 5 backups before they are overwritten by newer versions. In your case, it is strange that

    the last backup was made today after the problem started, and the previous one was made six months ago.

    Did you check that whether Firefox created a new profile after the update? If there is only one profile, I don't think you can find your lost bookmarks anymore.