Reinstall windows8 and install original Windows 8 laptop ASUS K55v From Hidden or Recovery Partition

  • SoheilYou

    One of my friends laptop the explorer.exe file is damaged and I could not fix it ,now i want to change or reinstall windows.

    now I 'm currently using the original Windows 8 ,I want to re-install Windows8 so I do not know How can I install windows by hide partition in laptop ,Or hidden partition

    Im not sure that this laptop has hidden recovery partition for reinsalling windows8 or not ?! Now when i want to go to systems boot option, None of : DEL ,f8, f9, f10, f11, f12, Tab ,buttons doesn't enter to boot option!!!!

    i read that i most hold F9 during booting, but none of this buttons doesnt make any difference

    please tell me how can i reinstall original widows 8 from hidden partition so that other partitions(D) Will NOT be Format ! and my hidden partition Will NOT be Format too!

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    Is there a way to backup the windows recovery partition or recreate it on a sony vaio laptop?
  • user1115057

    My friend got a Sony Vaio laptop. Soon, I will install him Linux. But I want to back up the Windows 7's recovery partition that came pre-installed.

    But on laptop, normally, when we boot up, they ask to press Fx (where x is a number I don't know, since its not my laptop) to launch the recovery partition. If I use Clonezilla to back up its recovery partition, how may I restore the functionality to press Fx to start the recovery partition, if I ever reformat the whole drive, and rewrite the back up to the drive?

    Also, I heard that some computer vendor have a utility to create a set of Cd/DVD that will restore everything like factory. So it will restore the hidden partition. Is it the case for Sony's laptop? If yes, which utility? Does it will really recover the hidden recovery partition?

    Do you recommend me Clonezilla for the backup?

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  • Tadziz

    I use Macrium Reflect free, for backup partitions to external hdd. Maybe it can be usefull for you too. Another good program is HDClone.