linux - Repair GRUB bootloader for multiboot system

  • user1715324

    I have two hard disks – one a 1TB and the other a 250 GB. I installed the OSes in the following order:

    • Windows 7 on the first hard disk (1 TB)
    • After that Kubuntu 12.04 on a partition (/dev/sdb7) on the second hard disk (250 GB)
    • The second drive also contains an NTFS partition.

    Now, kubuntu's bootloader was installed on the second hard drive's MBR (and successfully detected Windows 7). So, whenever I wanted to load Windows I used to select the first hard disk from the BIOS boot menu and the second hard disk whenever I wanted to load kubuntu. I know I could have set the second hard disk as the default drive, still I prefered this method.

    The problem started when I installed Linux Mint 13 on the second hard disk (/dev/sdb3) and overwrote kubuntu's original MBR. Now, the GRUB just detects Mint and Windows. The MBR on the 1 TB hard disk is untouched.

    Is there a way I can modify the MBR on the second hard disk now so that it will show kubuntu and Mint both?

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  • Adam Ryczkowski

    What usually works for me, is to boot into the "hidden" operational system (Kubuntu in your case) by using e.g. super grub, and from that system I'd run sudo update-grub. The other system should detect your Mint, and update grub accordingly.

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  • Moshe

    I have a computer with a 640GB Raid 0 as my primary hard drive, running Vista Home Premium 64-bit and a (later added) 1TB drive with Windows 7 on an 800GB Partition and I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 off of a DVD on the remaining space (Roughly 130GB) and I a am getting stuck before GRUB loads. Grub reports 'loading stage 1.5' and 'Error 21'

    What can I do to repair this?

    Thank you.


    I've searched a little online and found that other people have been having issues with Raid 0 and Ubuntu. - Will removing the drive which contains the offending GRUB allow me to boot into the Vista partition? Can I even tell which hard drive GRUB was installed on? If yes, how so? How about formatting the linux partition?

    Windows Vista repair CD finds no problem with my Vista partition. GRUB is just getting between the BIOS and the Windows Bootloader. At this point I'm ready to ditch the Ubuntu setup

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  • Moshe

    I installed Windows 7 over the Ubuntu partition. No Ubuntu for now, but no more GRUB either. good riddance! Windows does what any sane OS with a natural ego would - put its own bootloader in the MBR. Problem Solved - and - I get 2 Windows 7s!