dmg image - restore a DMG to a disk using ubuntu Live CD

  • Mild Fuzz

    I need to restore a drive from a backup I have on a DMG, but currently I can only boot the computer from a Ubuntu CD.

    Can I restore the backup to a drive this way?

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  • Ramya

    I have a compressed dmg file in Ubuntu. I would like open this file and add 2 files to this system and create the compressed dmg file.

    I open to doing the same in Windows if its not possible on Linux.

    dmg2img will convert this file to an img file. But I do not know of any utility that converts it back to dmg file.

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  • John T

    You can mount it with the command line directly in Linux:

    mount -t hfs -o loop imagename.dmg /mnt/mymountpoint

    There is also dmgextractor and 7-zip which will allow you to extract them. I know TransMac will allow creation of dmg images on Windows, but it costs a bit. On Linux you can build Apple's diskdev_cmds package and use this handy script to make dmg images.