Restore Lost Thunderbird Email FIlters

  • theonlylos

    I currently have an issue with a client who uninstalled/reinstalled Thunderbird by mistake (long story involving misguided tech support) so I've been cleaning up the mess and while I've been able to restore the folders and emails, I have been unable to figure out how to restore the filters.

    I've searched all over and although I've tried following the steps of copying over the msgFilterRules.dat file, that step seems to be useless because both the old profile file and the new one have the same exact contents:

    version="9" logging="no"

    I have no clue what that is, but as my client had a ton of filters before with lots of data I'm not sure if I'm viewing the right files.

    Any assistance is very much appreciated.

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  • chris

    I have both a .thunderbird and a .mozilla-thunderbird from an existing installation.

    I installed Thunderbird 3.0b3 under fedora 11, but it doesn't seem to see the email in either of those directories.

    How can I restore my old settings & email?

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  • John T

    You should be able to simply drop them into your home directory.


    cp -r /media/USBStick/backup/.thunderbird ~
    cp -r /media/USBStick/backup/.mozilla-thunderbird ~

    make sure your applications also have sufficient read permissions to these files.

  • Johan

    I always used [code]cp --archive SOURCE TARGET/[/code] to duplicate folder trees. The [b]--archive[/b] option does everything as [code]--recursive --no-dereference --preserve=all[/code]. Where [b]--preserve=all[/b] includes mode,ownership,timestamps, context, links, xattr.

    There are too many soft links and ownership and permission details that a straight [code]cp -r[/code] does not accomplish.

    ~~~ 0;-Dan