windows 7 - Security certificate has been revoked Chrome

  • Romil N

    Some days back I started receiving below message in Chrome whenever I open site with a secure connection such as or

    Security certificate has been revoked

    I was able to access the same two sites in other browsers.

    See error snapshot at:

    Upon Googling about the error I found that my system has been infected with malware. I did System Restore (using SysRestore Pro) but failed and system was unable to restore to previous state. Then I tried to run the antivirus scan from Micrsoft Security Essentials but the application was unable to open. Also whenever I downloaded/open any antivirus/anti-malware or such similar kind of tools, it denied each time, throwing different errors for each application. Moreover the antivirus application downloaded was considered as a virus!!! (too funny) and downloaded remain incomplete

    I then tried to use Windows 7 System Restore but that too failed and after some steps of system recovery it threw below error

    Windows failed to start. A recent hardware of software change might be the cause. To fix the problem
    1.Insert your Windows installation disc and restart the computer.
    2.Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
    3.Click "Repair your computer."
    If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.
    File: \Boot\BCD
    Status: 0x000000f

    My concern here is how to remove malware from the system once I start my PC??

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  • Mogget
    Option 1

    Repair windows start-up by booting from windows DVD

    If you can get it to boot, use chameleon to get malwarebytes running.

    Run malware bytes full scan and find out the full damage report. Clean up if possible and then check for rootkits using anti-rootkit.

    I would then run a full scan with your favourite flavour of AV until you're happy your system is clean.

    Option 2

    Just get your data off using a linux live DVD and re-install windows. Run the anti-rootkit as soon as windows is installed.

    I like option 2

  • 50-3

    Run msconfig and select the Boot tab. Select Safe and networking and then apply. Restart the computer and it will boot in safe mode with internet access but the virus wont be active.

    Download microsoft safe scanner from the microsot website and run it. The safe scanner will find the maleware/virus and remove it and ask if you want to reboot. Before you reboot run msconfig again and select the boot tab. De-select the safe option and apply.

    Restart the computer and it should be good.

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    windows - Is free security software as good as paid security software?
  • Questioner

    I mostly use free security solutions to protect my home PC, but I wonder if I would get better protection from a paid solution.

    I prefer the free software, since I can have multiple applications protecting against different threats.

    With paid software I feel like I have to choose just one, and hope it can protect against everything.

    Is it worth it to pay for security when there are free options?

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  • Area 51

    Paid security suites can often be more trouble than they are worth, they are bloated and slow and are full of bugs. Most of the time open source software is just as good, free, and has a much larger support community. The only problem is that open source software will generally require a more technically savvy user. Here is my security suite:

    Update on antivirus on Windows: Microsoft Security Essentials is now at a level where it competes well with AVG and other antivirus suites.

    SmoothWall (Separate computer, Linux box, easy install)
    AVG 8.5 (free or paid)
    Vidalia Bundle
    Firefox w/ AdBlock Plus, No Scripts, IE Tab, AVG Safe Search, Tor button;

    All of these applications are easy to install and use if you do a little bit of research first.