Shortcut key for "Open file location" in Windows 7

  • Richard Herron

    I'm new to Windows (former Mac user) and using Windows 7 for about two months now.

    I almost exclusively use the taskbar to navigate to files (i.e., I press the Win/meta key and start typing... my libraries and naming conventions make it pretty easy to get the correct file). Then I press enter and the file opens. Awesome.

    But sometimes I want to see the file in its folder (i.e., maybe I want to rename, move, copy, etc.). To do this I need to mouse/trackpad over and right click to get the "Open in file location" options. Is there another way, short of searching for the folder name instead? Is there a hotkey/shortcut for "Open file location"? Thanks!

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  • Richard Herron

    One solution -- Type search phrase into task bar and arrow down to the appropriate entry. Then press the (context) menu key, and "i" for the "Open file location" entry. This isn't as good as a shortcut, but may be as good as it gets.

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    Fixing/Extending Standard Windows File Open/Save Dialog
  • scunliffe

    Possible Duplicate:
    Change left side link of the Save As Dialog for a DropBox one?

    Almost every time I use the standard Windows (XP) File Open/Save Dialog I get frustrated in how long it takes me to navigate to where I want to go. :-( (I won't even get into the MS Office dialog that makes things even worse)

    This is the dialog I'm referring to (with some notes):

    File Open/Save Dialog


    • Wouldn't a Drive list be handy in here? C:\, D:\, E:\, etc.
    • What about a breadcrumb URI? (the magenta list of links)
    • Why isn't Program Files one of the icons on the left? (green) I'm always going in there for something
    • Why can't I type "../../../" to navigate up multiple directories in the File name box? (blue)
    • (addendum) The ability to force the default view to "details" vs. "list" would also be very handy

    There has got to be some utilities out there that can "hijack" or "overwrite" this core windows dialog to provide a much better set of options.

    I'm looking for any/all solutions to help fix this dialog.

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  • Peter Mortensen

    FileBox eXtender is free (as of a couple of months ago) and I've been using it for years. It puts a little icon in your file dialog boxes which allows you to set as many favorites there as you want and also has recent places.

  • GeneQ

    You can add other places to the left panel (including Program Files) using Microsoft's own TweakUI Powertoy.

    I'm not aware of any tool that that can modify other aspects of the Open/Save dialog but I'm sure other people will suggest some.

  • 8088

    Dialog Navigator 1.01.

    The left panel contains lots of "places".

    alt text

  • JFV

    A Drive List is at the top where it says 'Look in' and you have the Red /\.

    You can type in the whole path to where you want to go where it says 'File Name' and you have the Blue ../../../.

    Other than that, I guess the TweakUI PowerToy is your best bet.


  • Umber Ferrule

    There's also OpenWide (which I've used for over 12 months now):

    OpenWide was written to avoid a few [more] minor annoyances with Windows. This program allows you to specify the position and size of Windows' Open and Save dialog boxes, and also to specify where the initial focus should be and which view will be the default.


    • Set position and size of Open & Save dialogs
    • Set initial keyboard focus
    • Set initial view style
    • Drag & drop folders onto the title bar of an Open/Save dialog box, and the view will change to that folder!