Sign out of messenger on Windows 8

  • jmlumpkin

    I just installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Just going through the default procedure, I let it use my Xbox Live account to create a user.

    When I then went and turned on my Xbox, it now notified me that I was logged into Messenger in two locations.

    I went back to Windows 8, and turned my Live account into a local account on that machine. But when I then turned the Xbox again, I got the same message.

    Is there a way to just 'sign out of messenger' on Windows 8? Or is there a location to even see where I am signed in at?

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  • Dreami

    I actually found a way to accomplish this. You are still signed in with your Live account in all the other services, but not in Messenger. Other people will also see you as offline, but you can be online on other instances (e.g. your other computer) without interferences (you will be shown and seen online there).

    Open the Messages App, go to the upper or lower right-hand corner and wait till the overhead menu appears. Choose "Settings" from here. You will be presented with some settings, choose "Options" (I only have the German version, I suppose it reads Options in English). There is only one settings, it should read something like "Send/receive messages". Turn this setting off and you will be offline in MSN on Windows 8.

    Side effect: You will also be signed out of other messaging services in the Messaging app, but because (for now) it only supports Facebook, this shouldn't be much of an issue.

  • kispiox

    Do you have the Messaging app installed? Try going there, pull up the command bar, and change your status to "Appear offline". Or, just uninstall Messaging (but this will also uninstall People, Mail, Calendar).

  • slhck
    1. Go to right bottom corner.
    2. Then Settings
    3. Account
    4. Click the account, e.g. Hotmail
    5. Scroll down and you can see Remove all accounts .
    6. Click it once and then once again – now you are logged out.
  • ntz

    the simplest one, i found right now, when a user is signed in, in any of the windows service, he would be automatically signed in to other services as well,like messaging,calendar, mail etc etc. what i did to sign off from all these services - i went to messaging app. clicked on it. then a window appeared. on the right hand upper corner there is sth like-"connected to ". just below it, there's an arrow, where one can find easily an option to "remove all your accounts".(this would ultimately sign off the user account from all these respective services without disabling/uninstalling anything.).

  • crea7or
    1. Open Start Menu Settings.
    2. Open Settings.
    3. Select Show Administrative tools.
    4. Go to applications and launch Services. Then Find Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant , stop it and disable this service.

    Screenshots by the link: (at the bottom of the page)

  • wonea

    To logout from mail account in Window 8 Mail App;

    • Firstly you should remain open your mail account
    • Move your arrow to side to open the charm and click on Setting
    • Choose account and go down to Remove Account

    Have a nice day.

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  • justinhj

    I just upgraded Windows Live Messenger at home. I'm logged into my machine at work so I have a Live session active there too. Now the fun part. This new version of messenger is signing me out after about 2 minutes, and saying "You were signed out from here because you signed in to a version of Messenger that doesn't let you sign in at more than on place"

    Ok, so I went into the options on my home machine and selected "Sign me out at all other locations".

    Is there another way I can force my office machine to logout remotely, as either this option does not work, or the machine in my office just keeps reconnecting.

    Version 2009 14.0.8089.726

    EDIT: Actually this problem went away after a few hours; I guess some kind of server side timeout kicked in.

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  • Matt

    AH HA! I was having this problem also, and I believe I have found a work around. In the short period of time you can stay logged on go into the options menu and turn OFF as in UNCHECK the "Sign me out of all other places when I sign into Messenger" option and make sure that the "Show me all the other places I'm signed in at when I sign in" option is CHECKED. Hit apply and just let it log you out again like it always does. Then, the next time you try to log in you will get a popup with a list of all the places you are signed in, with the option to sign out of each of these place. Use this to sign out on your other computer(s). This seems to acctually sign you out at the other places correctly so that you may remain logged in at the current computer.

  • John T

    Have you considered making a batch script to kill messenger on the remote computer?

    TASKKILL /S system /U username /P password /F /IM msnmsgr.exe /T

    Where system specifies the remote machine's name or IP to connect to. You will need to allow it in your firewall. If you don't want to bother with firewall rules or there is a router at the office you can't access, consider leaving Teamviewer running so you can quickly login and disable it yourself remotely. Teamviewer does not require additional router configurations from experience.

  • AskaGamer

    You could just install a free software like and remote to it, logout and than login anywhere else you wanted to. I don't know if there is a setting that will auto logout anywhere else once you login from another place.

  • Seasoned Advice (cooking)

    Go the options on live messenger and under sign in check the box that says; "Sign me out of all other places when I sign in to Messenger" You also could install the messenger extension; it allows multiple logins