windows - Skype: How to record a podcast?

  • Ashwin

    I am doing a podcast with some friends. We are planning to do this by getting onto a Skype conference call and discussing our topic.

    Is there a way to record this Skype conference conversation into a MP3?

    (The OS is Windows XP.)

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  • Jim McKeeth

    Use CallGraph. It is free and easy to use. Plus you can configure it to record the two halves of the conversation on different channels (left and right) which makes editing easier. They have actually had very responsive support (free) when I have had questions too.

    Pamela is a little better, but more expensive, unless you only want to record really short pieces.

    Update: I've actually switched to Pamela Professional now. I was having some odd sound quality issues with CallGraph and their support (yes, a free program with actual support) wasn't able to help me resolve it. Pamela has its own problems though, like occasionally not recording anything.

  • Andy T

    There's also G-Recorder plugin for Skype:

    • records Skype calls automatically saves them to your mailbox and/or to disk
    • saves chat history along with call recordings in view of conversations
    • has free edition

    Disclaimer: I'm a co-author of G-Recorder

  • Simon

    Free Video Call Recorder for Skype can be used to perform this task. Besides it is absolutely free and you can record the calls as long as you need it.

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  • Mike Fielden

    I have a podcast and we use Skype and Audio Hijack to record all of us.

    How would I go about piping audio so the other people on the Skype conference call can hear it real time? I would like a software solution if possible. I realize they are several hardware solutions available.

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  • Richard Hoskins

    You can use Soundflower to create a virtual input device, and use that as your input device for Skype. Soundflower is free and is available at