windows 7 - Slow speed on Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller - HP Pavilion 64 bit

  • user248804

    I recently upgraded my internet speed to 90 mbs but when I run a speedtest on my computer, it never gets over 50 mbs. I've had the ISP company over here a few times, they've tested everything and have shown that the internet speed is in fact 90 mbs and sometimes even 100 mbs but their thought is that my ethernet and wireless ports on my HP can't accept or run at those faster speeds. Also, just to confirm my speed, I connected the ethernet to a dell laptop and sure enough, it's running at the 90 and 100 mbs.

    I've tried playing around with the settings on the network adapter Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller, adjusting to auto, 100/Full Duplex, 100/Half Duplex, 10/full, 10/half but my internet speed never changes. So, is there a setting or some other update for this issue?

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  • jh20

    unfortunately i believe the problem is with the realtek controller. i connected an external usb wireless dongle into my laptop and the speed instantly matched up with the ethernet cable. i've searched the internet but have not found any fix. next time i won't buy anything with realtek on it!

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    mac - Slow download speeds on MacBook Pro
  • Austin Hyde

    Just as the title says, I am getting very low download speeds on my MacBook Pro.

    I did a speed test at, and am getting 7 MbPS down, .5 up. However, I can only seem to get 270 KB PS max (averaging 100 K), whether on my school's network or on my home network, wired or wireless.

    I am on Mac OS X 10.5.8, with Google Chrome. My ethernet settings (under System Preferences -> Network -> Ethernet Connection -> Advanced -> Ethernet) are set to "Configure Automatically", "Speed: 100TX", "Duplex: full-duplex, flow-control", and "MTU: Standard (1500)".

    As far as I can tell, there are no throttles or anything between here and the ISP, so...

    Any ideas on why I'm getting such low download speeds?

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  • 8088

    Download speeds are largely dependent on the speeds of the server you are downloading from. Often they will limit the speeds to avoid one person sucking up all of their bandwidth.

    Another option would be to use a download accelerator like Speed Download. This will use multiple connections in parallel along with an optimized request to try and increase the throughput.

    Speed Download