opendns - 'Split horizon DNS service' with BIND on windows 7,how to configure?

  • Manoj Kumar

    I want to set up 'forwarding proxy DNS server' on my windows 7,so that i can perform conditional forwarding on my 'ISP's login website' because the way to load the login page of my ISP's website is to use their DNS address.

    I did search a lot,but i ended up with articles that show how to configure BIND on linux system.

    This is my previous question,please take a look for further information. Open Dns on my router giving problems

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    Using BIND as a Personal DNS Server on Windows XP
  • Questioner

    My ISP's DNS server is very crappy and I've been trying out various alternatives to it. I came across Treewalk ( ) and BIND, and decided to use Treewalk as it seemed easier. But it's performance hasn't been satisfactory.

    Can someone please guide me on how to setup BIND on my standalaone Windows XP 3 system which connects to the internet using PPPOE?

    (Note: I am aware about OpenDNS / Google / other public DNS servers but do not wish to use them).

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  • Nathan Adams

    I know this isn't an answer to your question but - personally I would recommend the PowerDNS recursive DNS server. It is alot easier to setup and use.