wireless networking - TP-LINK TD-W8151N Modem/router as just wi-fi router

  • Reshma

    I am planning to buy TP-LINK ADSL wifi router (model TD-W8151N) for my Internet connection which provides Internet through ADSL telephone line. I am also planning to take cable internet in a few months which provides internet through a LAN cable without the need of any modem.

    So I would like to have my modem work for both connections which I am using. When using cable internet I want this TP-Link modem to work just as a wireless router (so that I can have the freedom to use my laptop in different rooms instead of sitting at a place by plugging in that cable). Is it possible to use this modem in that way?

    I don't have much knowledge about these things except that I can configure things as instructed. Please suggest me whether I should go ahead and buy this one or if there is any other modem in your view which can serve both my purposes, let me know.

    Operating System I am using: Windows 7

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  • David Schwartz

    The TD-W8151N does not have an Ethernet port on its WAN side, so you can't use it to route with anything but ADSL.

    You will get a better answer if you explain what you're actually trying to do. Do you have two Internet connections that you use regularly? If so, why? What is the effect you want?

  • Reshma

    I am having ADSL internet connection at present and for that I need an ADSL modem/router. Right now normal cable internet is not available at my place, but after 3-4 months the service is being started. Once the cable internet is available I won't be using ADSL internet. That's why I want to buy a ADSL modem/router which can be useful to me even after I take cable internet. I have used this cable internet service in a nearby place and they provide internet through the LAN cable and we have to just plugin that cable in the ethernet port of the laptop(no need of any separate modem). After I take cable internet, I want to use my ADSL modem just as a wifi router whereby I can connect the LAN cable to it and access internet on my laptop through wifi. Can you provide me details of any ADSL/modem routers which can also be used as just wifi routers with cable internet (TP-link preferred bcoz I've heard that it's good and is low priced too). I don't want to buy one modem now and another router later on - that's why I want to buy a single modem/router which can serve my purpose now and later on also.

    Please let me know if I am not clear about anything.

    Edit: Do you mean to say that the ADSL modem/routers which have ethernet port can also work as just wifi routers?

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    wireless networking - What N+ modem routers with VOIP exist?
  • Pure.Krome

    i'm looking to purchase an N+ wireless router with built in voip capabilities.

    why n+, because i have some bad interference with my crappy (old) 802.11b Netgear Wtg624 router + nb1300 modem (yes, didn't i say old?) :) .. and i'm under the impression that N+ should hopefully break through my two walls much much better.

    secondly, i have an apple air notebook, apple imac 24" (purchase quarter 3, 09), and apple iTV thingy and some iphones which i wish to all connect to wirelessly.

    so .. could anyone help me please?

    (i'm under the impression that some of those devices could only use G, not N or N+ .. but that's ok).


    Are you looking for QOS handling to help ensure that your calls take priority
    over other data? 

    Yep. QoS is a must (and most high end routers have this now, so I just assumed this

    Are you looking for a router with a built-in Analogue Telphone Adapter(ATA)
    so you can plug in your old handset?

    Yep - this is the kicker :) I'm currently using a Sipura 3000 ATA device -> works 100% great (and has been for a few years) but I want an all in one device to get rid of some cables and power plugs.

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  • 8088

    The FritzBox Fon WLAN 7270 should meet your requirements.

    alt text

    • WLAN router with an integrated DSL modem (ADSL and ADSL2+) and 4 LAN ports
    • DECT base station for connecting up to six cordless telephones
    • Telephone system for Internet and landline telephony (ISDN or analog)
    • Integrated answering machine
    • USB port for network printers and memory
    • Secure right from the factory thanks to activated WLAN encryption
    • Supports the new WLAN-N standard
    • Supports Annex A and Annex B lines with a single device

    or the Vigor 2710VN ADSL Router

    alt text

    • ADSL/ADSL2+ Router
    • Compatible with ADSL, ADSL Max, ADSL2 &, ADSL2+
    • Wireless - 802.11n (Draft 2.0) Wireless LAN
    • Twin VoIP Phone Ports with POTS passthrough
  • James Polley

    I have an airport extreme - one of the newer ones that not only has N, but also two radios, so it can do 2.4Ghgz and 5Ghz at the same time. It integrates nicely with the rest of my apple gear - several macbooks, a mini, an appletv.

    I have a seperate VOIP gateway - an old Billion model that doesn't seem to be available any more - which has an ATA port and handles maintaining the SIP connection to my VOIP provider for me.