windows 7 - Ubuntu 10.04 x64 and Canon i250

  • modernzombie

    I am dual booting my PC with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 x64. I do all my work in Ubuntu but have to use Windows occasionally because my printer, Canon i250 (USB) will not work with Ubuntu.

    I have followed many installation guides but they all seem to be for 32 bit. Ubuntu recognizes the printer and even auto detects it but when I try to print it just sits in the queue and nothing happens.

    I have an old Pentium 3 PC kicking around. Would I have better luck if I installed Windows XP on the old PC and used it as a print server or will I still run into driver issues on Ubuntu?

    Back when I was using Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit my Canon i455 (it died) worked fine. Also since upgrading to 10.04 and 64 bit a couple of games I occasionally play stopped working in Wine. Not sure if it is 10.04 or 64 bit that is the problem.

    My PC has 2GB of RAM although I have been considering upping it to 4 or 6 so I can run some virtual machines. Will Ubuntu 32 bit recognize 4GB or will it only give me 2.5?

    Any advice is appreciated. I would like to dump Windows completely.

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  • hbdgaf

    A lot of things go silly on 64-bit in wine. My solution was to run an XP or 32bit vm for usb devices that don't have working linux drivers because I don't want to have to deal with the package hell that comes with using 32bit packages on 64(it can be done. i've seen it, but i can't/won't put the time in to do it myself. i got weird symbol conflicts and compilation problems last time i tried). if you go with a 32-bit vm you can do usb passthrough. That's my recommendation.

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    64 bit - Canon LIDE 30 scanner with Windows 7 x64
  • marc_s

    Has anyone gotten any of those older LIDE scanners (models 20, 30, 35 etc.) to work on Win7 x64??

    I've tried several things, like grabbing the LIDE 60 driver for Vista64, but nothing has worked so far....

    Any ideas? Doesn't look like Canon wants to support its "more-than-six-months-old" own hardware.... disappointing, really.

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  • Mr. Kristiansen

    Download the evaluation version of VueScan ( and install that scanning software. This will install 64 bits support for Windows 7. Purchase of the software is not required, as soon as the VueScan drivers are in place the Lide scanner can be used with any software on your computer intefacing the scanner. Also works for Lide 30 (and other Canon scanners not directly supported by Canon).

  • William Hilsum

    If they have a Windows Vista driver, you should be able to manually install that... Extract all files, then in Device Manager, right click on the device and during the install driver, point to the directory with the extracted files.

    As I answered in someone else's question. With old unsupported hardware, if you cannot find a newer driver, the other thing to always try is to install it inside a virtual machine. Look here for more information.

  • efotinis

    The only way I managed to use my Lide 20 scanner in Vista x64 was from inside an XP x86 virtual machine (VMware).

    Shame on you, Canon.

  • studiohack

    I found out that Ubuntu 10.10 supports the scanner, and you don't have to install it either, you can just run it off of the live CD (takes a few minutes to boot). It should detect the scanner and allow you to access you HD without installation.

    hardware/software: LIDE 30 with Windows 7 64-bit.

  • leeand00

    Did you try the LiDE 60 drivers for Windows 7 64 bit? They worked for me when I tried them on the following thread.