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  • Phil

    I am looking for a password manager for a command-line Unix environment. So far all I can find are keyring applications for Windows, Linux, and Mac. But no command-line Unix interfaces.

    My main goal is to be able to access a password keyring through an SSH connection to a machine that has no graphical user interface. If there are no good unix password keyrings out there, what would be a better way to store personal passwords in a central location?

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  • mkomitee

    I tend to just use gpg encrypted files. You can make your encrypted files available over nfs or distribute them via rsync. You could also go with a pull model and distribute it with svn or git or whatever vcs you prefer. Just make sure you have a good secure passphrase if you're distributing them at all. You may also want to look into gpg-agent.

  • Ahe

    I have used pwsafe it has problems with usability, but does the job.

    There is also a cpm, but i have not tested it. Using KeePass in console is also possible.

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  • Questioner

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    I am looking for a good online password manager with the following requirements:

    • Single click login from browser.
    • Single click form saving from the browser.
    • Not attached to a single PC.
    • Offline version (so I can use it if there is no internet, for example plug USB and have last sync-ed data).
    • Ability to store plain text (notes, for example).
    • Should work on Windows, Linux and Mac.

    So far I have been happy with RoboForm, but its offline USB version is not available on Linux.

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  • Seasoned Advice (cooking)

    I have spent some time to analyse different services and the one that fully satisfies the requirements seems to be LastPass.

    It imported all my RoboForm data (~150 entries) flawlessly and I can start using it straight away.

    It also allows to use USB and log in from it supporting most of the platforms needed.

    I will probably have to pay for it, but the price is just symbolic - 1$/month.

    (Just answering my own question moved from SO, not sure how I can link this question to my account here).