performance - What does VNC server do when a client connects? (Ultr@ VNC)

  • user79523

    I have a low spec Windows XP computer which is generally really slow. However, when I connect via VNC the computer speeds up. What does VNC do when a client connects? Something VNC server does is increasing the performance of the computer and I would like it turned on all the time.

    I am using Ultr@ VNC, the computer fan speed even gets quieter when someone connects via VNC!

    Thank you

  • Answers
  • rjmunro

    AFAIK, the only settings the VLC server will change on an incoming are the backgrounds and visual effects. Try turning off all the effects in the display properties control panel.

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    How does vnc client and vnc server negotiate port to talks
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    How does VNC client and VNC server negotiate port to talks?
    Is it done using a well-known port?

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    Default for direct connection: TCP 5900

    Default for reverse VNC connection: TCP 5500

    You can change the port it starts the connection by using the hostname:port format. If you want to change the listening ports you need to configure the server using the configuration tools.