windows 7 - what is and how to remove it?

  • x-yuri

    I was reinstalling windows (namely installing windows 8 instead of windows 7). But then chrome suddenly closed. When I started it, it had that annoying home page

    that I don't know how to get rid of. I tried removing the argument in chrome's shortcut and changing chrome settings (Set pages). Also it made itself the default search engine and who knows what else. I thought that it must be µTorrent's doing. So I decided to: 1) reinstall windows once again, 2) give tixity a try. But to my surprise just after installing windows 8 and running internet explorer I saw that very page.

    I'm now going to reinstall windows once again, but move the content of the disk into a folder first, so that windows wouldn't inherit anything, if that's what's happening.

    But I'm open to your suggestions. I doubt reinstalling windows will do any better. Also, do you know by any chance what it is and where it came from? I saw similar report on µTorrent's forum.

    UPD Well, I reformatted hard drive, installed windows and I can't see v9 anywhere now.

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  • Chris

    I had to remove this malware from a friends computer, and they've infected themselves again. It's been a while since I last removed it, so can't remember the name of the program that was successful at removing it, I think it was a ".com" program (yeah, strange!).

    Hopefully superuser can help, and then what works gets voted up instead of the piles and piles of junk commercial stuff that pops up in search results.

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  • qwertyKid

    I use Malwarebytes booted into safe mode Sometimes you need to rename the .exe file, if the malware is "smart" I also have a cd-r burnt with all these malware scanners, so its read only :) This way no matter what, the malware can't delete it (though it CAN block it from running if it detects the name, so rename the .exe files)

    If they re-infected you may want to update their computer to SP3 if not already as well as any other updates.

  • Alfred

    You could also try HijackThis to remove all sorts of spyware. It is really powerfull, but also really dangerous to mess up your computer. You should first post logs so that experienced people can evaluate them.

    Using HijackThis

    To analyze your computer, start HijackThis and run a scan. See the Quick Start Guide [link to Quick Start, FAQs and Feedback] for help in running a scan. HijackThis will display a list of areas on your computer that might have been changed by spyware. Do not change any settings if you are unsure of what to do. There are many popular support forums on the web that provide free technical assistance by using HijackThis log files to diagnose an infected computer.

    Not an expert? Just save the HijackThis report and let a friend with more troubleshooting experience take a look. A large community of users participates in online forums, where experts help interpret HijackThis scan results to clean up infected computers.

    P.S: I also liked malware bytes to scan my computer when I was still using Windows. Luckily I made the switch to linux a long time ago and no more spyware :).

  • Sakamoto Kazuma

    I used this link's manual instructions to clean the registry when I got it on my laptop a while back. Had to boot in Safe mode (F8 on startup) to delete the files.