browser - What is Firefox - Smart cache size?

  • Shiki

    There is an option in about:config (Firefox 4):

    I have tried to enable and disable this option, nothing changes. The cache just grows, and grows.
    What's the point?

    (Couldn't find any detail about this.)

  • Answers
  • Simon Sheehan

    It sets the disk cache size according to the available disk space. If you have a fairly modern computer, there should be at least 1GB available.

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  • Popo

    Where I can find the contents of local storage saved in Firefox? I have searched into the profile and appdata folder, but I couldn't find any reference to local storage.

    Also, is there any way I can clean the browser cache but keep local storage saved data and/or pinned tabs?

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  • surfasb

    Type into the address bar: about:cache.

  • CGA

    See this page on the Mozilla MDN docs.