cpu - What's the difference between an Intel Celeron and an Intel Pentium processor

  • Micah

    If I compared a 2.1ghz Celeron to a 2.1ghz Pentium what would be the difference? As much technical info as possible would be great.

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  • William Hilsum

    Basically, The Pentium line is the mainstream performance chip, and it has many optimised routines built in that make certain tasks perform fast.

    For a Celeron, they heavily cut costs and generally have less on board memory, and the result is a much cheaper chip that performs reasonably well (and generally at less power), but not as good as an equal ghz/mhz Pentium / Core 2 of the same generation.

    You can't really compare different generation chips because after the Pentium 4 era, the mhz/ghz no longer really count as a comparison because there are so many other factors that determine speed (front side bus, on board memory, instruction sets e.t.c.)

  • studiohack

    the Celerons are 'budget' processors. they often have less cache memory, or have advanced features purposely disabled.

    as a rule of thumb, an equally clocked Pentium will outperform a Celeron.

    but an exact comparison is not possible unless you post the exact processor model.

    for a long time Pentium CPUs constituted Intel's premium processor brand but that has changed, they were sold as medium range for a while (with the Core 2 Duo as high end range) and now the Pentiums will replace the Celerons as the budget brand while the Core i5 will become the medium range and the Core i7 is the top of the range.

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  • WindyCityEagle

    Whats the difference between the Intel Dual-Core(brand name) processor and the Core 2 Duo? It seems like clock speed is the only difference, but I want to make sure that is the case. It seems like anything over 2.6GHz is Core 2 Duo, and anything under 2.6GHz gets the label Dual-Core.

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  • Troggy


    The Intel Dual Core is its own product line of Intel processors.


    The Intel Core 2 is also another product line of Intel processors.

    The pentium dual-core processor is a one of Intel's value or basic processors available. That is why you save so much going with that processor. The Core 2 is the more powerful desktop processor from Intel, hence why you pay more for it.

    Here is a review comparing performance between the two: (This is well put together)


    And a forum discussion about the differences:


    I assume you mean the difference like on this inspiron 537 between the two middle models:


    If you notice next to the processor names is the intel e5200 and the intel e7500. These are the processor numbers you can look up on the internet for futher specifications and reviews.

    The E5200 is listed under the Pentium Processor for Desktop on intel's website:


    The E7500 is listed under the Core 2 Duo Desktop Processor


  • Axxmasterr

    Dual core refers to a processor that contains two separate processing cores. Core 2 Duo is a brand name of a processor which is also in a dual core configuration. This is the short answer. The brand name and the descriptive name match up precisely in this one case.

  • joe

    The Core 2 Duo has two cores inside a single physical package. The Core 2 Quad has four cores in its package. In applications that utilize multithreading, such as Photoshop or video editing, you will see a tremendous improvement over a Core 2 Duo at the same clock speed. In single-threaded applications, there will be less of an improvement.

    from http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_difference_between_an_Intel_Core_2_Duo_and_an_Intel_Core_2_Quad


    dual core is 2 cpu in a package

    2 cpu's in a die = 2 cpu's made together 2 cpu's in package = 2 cpu's on small board or linked in some way

    core 2 duo = brand name of certain kind of cpu like pentium or amd atholon