64 bit - Where can I download a legitimate Windows 8 ISO image?

  • Joshua Merriman

    I bought a product key for Windows 8 a while ago, but I never got around to using it, because I can't seem to find a 64-bit Windows 8 ISO image anywhere.

    My processor is 64-bit, but my current installation of Windows 7 is 32-bit, meaning that trying to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 through the upgrade Assistant would give me a 32-bit ISO image, which is not what I want. I want a 64-bit ISO image, so I can at least use my processor and memory to the fullest.

    Where can I find a legitimate verbatim Windows 8 ISO image to use with my product key?

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  • Peter Mortensen
    1. You can install from an honest but ISO hunt or third-party file if it checksums correctly. Finding authoritative checksums is the first challenge, but Microsoft publishes ISO image file names and checksums at MSDN Subscriber Downloads. Find your product brand name and the detail line item for the name of the ISO image and hashes. Start here to verify this information:

      File Name: en_windows_8_x64_dvd_915440.iso
      Languages: English
      SHA1: 1CE53AD5F60419CF04A715CF3233F247E48BEEC4

    2. Paste the hash into the search engine for plenty of links at sometimes dubious sources.

    3. Gun up your antivirus and avoid downloading any "install assistants".

    4. The download will complete about as quickly as it would from Microsoft's Akamai mirrors, and you verify the ISO image hash. If it checks out, it's legitimate even if you downloaded it with urgency. An honest ISO image file is still honest, just like Gucci from Overstock.com.

    MSDN, Microsoft and anyone else in the know would check the hash if they downloaded direct from microsoft.com since large files downloads are more susceptible to errors that might not manifest until the installation process.

    You'll have plenty of chances to discover install problems even if Microsoft hand delivered your image builder DVD. Don't let an unobtainable ISO image or flawed ISO image trip you over.

    You should also back up your existing SLIC, BCD and extract your current product key for the reasons you can't anticipate.

  • Peter Mortensen

    The setup tool will download the 32-bit files if you use a 32-bit and the 64-bit files if you use a 64-bit edition of Windows. So install the 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise Trial in a VM, run the Setup tool, enter your key, download the files and create an ISO (Install by creating media).

    Enter image description here

    Enter image description here


    I was searching for a while to find this link, it let's you re-download your Windows 8 disc using your Windows 8 product key:


    This is the answer. I guess Microsoft wanted to bury this link to encourage more sales.

    Please re-post this link on any appropriate forums you're a member of.


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  • krebstar

    I just asked my brother, who's in the US to buy me a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium Family pack. It's gonna take a while to mail the package to me here in Hong Kong. So, I just asked him to email the key to me. Is there any way to download the DVD ISO somewhere? I heard pre-orders online can get it this way. Will I be able to download the ISO as well?

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  • William Hilsum

    You are only able to get ISOs if you purchased online. If you purchased a boxed copy, you have to wait for it to arrive.

    I can not 100% guarantee it will work, but, if you have a Technet or MSDN subscription, you can download that media then use your new serial key.

  • IT_07

    Ask your brother to make the dvds into ISO and just upload them online for you to download.

    1. software to make ISO: ImgBurn
    2. Transfer File: Fileai (No Size limit) or DepositFiles (2GB limit)