browser addons - Why do some Chrome apps install themselves as extensions?

  • njallam

    When looking through my Chrome extensions list (chrome://chrome/extensions/), I noticed that some of the apps I have installed have also installed themselves as extensions.



    Here is the Google+ Webstore page:

    Google+ Webstore page, showing installed app

    It mounts its self as and app as you would expect on the "New Tab Page":

    Google+ App Icon

    However, I noticed on the extensions page, it is there too:

    Google+ on the extensions page

    The View Website link on the extensions page for Google+ just takes me to the store page and the extension installs and uninstalls with the app, leading me to believe that it is just part of the app.

    What I want to know is, what do they do for the app? I was thinking it might be something like offline synchronisation, however Google+ does not have this feature as of yet to my knowledge.

    Exactly the same issue happens with the app Scratchpad

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  • elomage

    For some apps their functionality requires that they have a presence while you use the browser for other sites. For example, if you want to share a picture with Pinterest app/plugin, the app needs to scan for pictures and add the context menu or icon for the user to be able to tag them. This link might be of some help for apps v.s. extensions.

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  • eqzx

    I like to have the extensions like Gmail Checker and Google Voice checker closest to my eyes, therefore closer to the url bar. I have tried disabling and enabling extensions to order them correctly, but once I close chrome, they appear in a different order (always the same undesirable "different" order). Is there a way to prevent them from rearranging themselves? Thanks

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  • Sathya

    Unfortunately, as of now, there seem to be no way to make Chrome remember the order of extension icons.

    Chrome 5.0.322.2 dev edition allows you to reorder the Extensions by dragging.

  • jimeh

    Actually, doesn't seem like dragging the extension icons worked till 5.0.366.0 dev.

    I had 5.0.360.0 with which I couldn't drag and drop the icons, hence I ended up here. However, as I went to Chrome > About to double check which developer version I had, Chrome had automatically installed 5.0.366.0. So after a restart, dragging the extension icons now worked... lol