Why does firefox ask me to upgrade Flash?

  • C. Ross

    Why does Firefox ask me to upgrade flash occasionally when there appears to be no difference between the versions (10.1 r86 to 10.1 r86)? Also why do I have to always re-download the Adobe download manager?

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  • DMA57361

    What does http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/ say?
    For me (Firefox 3.6.9) it's reporting that I have installed and am up-to-date.

    Important Note you can get Flash player for Firefox (and other non-IE browsers) without the download manager - you just have to dig around in their tech support area until you find the Manual Installer.


    1. Uninstall Flash
    2. Reinstall using the manual installer
    3. Check the Mozilla plugin check page to make sure it's worked

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    osx - How can I modify keyboard shortcuts for Firefox?
  • e.James

    I recently started using Firefox as my primary web browser, and I would like to change some of the default keyboard shortcuts, especially the ones used to switch between tabs. Can this be done?

    I took a peek through the Firefox directory in "Application Support", as well as the application bundle itself, but nothing jumped out. Google searches have also proved fruitless.

    Update: I'm running Firefox version 3.6 for Mac OSX 10.6.2

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  • Peter Mortensen

    Maybe you can use keyconfig extension for that?

    At this link some people say they got it to work on Firefox 3:

    @ M.C yes it is !!! (compatible with Firefox 3.6) you have to extract the file "install.rdf" from "functions_for_keyconfig-1.4.0.xpi" with a deziper prog like "WinZip" in Windows or "file roller" in Linux.

    Edit "install.rdf" and search for this line: "3.5.". Then replace with "3.6.".

    In "functions_for_keyconfig-1.4.0.xpi" replace file "install.rdf" with the modified one. Save. Open your Firefox 3.6, drag and drop the file "functions_for_keyconfig-1.4.0.xpi" in Firefox windows. That's it.