Why won't cursor changes in Windows stay permanent unless the cursors are in Windows/Cursors

  • leaf68

    Every time I change my cursor in Windows, when I restart my PC it reverts back to the aero cursors. Looking on the internet for a while, a number of websites say that cursors have to be in C:\Windows\Cursors. Why does this happen? When it reverts to aero, I go to the mouse options, and all my settings are there but I have to click "OK" to set it to my custom settings again.

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    Windows 7 cursor lags when playing flash video
  • David

    I have Windows 7 installed on my laptop and after upgrading to the latest graphics driver from Windows Update, I have been experiencing one major problem bugging. Here are my specs by the way:

    • Pentium M 1.86Ghz

    • 1.5GB 667Mhz RAM

    • ATI Mobility Radeon x600 (64mb dedicated, 596mb shared)

    The reason why I upgraded to the latest driver from the old 2006 one is because I was having really bad OpenGL problems, like things literally running 50x slower than they should. Upgrading to the latest driver seems to have fixed the problem, but now whenever I try to play a Flash video (Flash 10.1 is my version), the video plays fine but the cursor is really choppy and jumps all over the place! It really is annoying especially when a site is filled with flash ads.

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  • Joshua Nurczyk

    Can you have Flash offload to the video card? Or turn off offloading if it's enabled? Either having it on or off could cause a problem.

    The fact that it also happens with large images makes me think that it is a driver issue.

    Can you see if there is a Win7 driver from the OEM for that laptop? That would be your best bet, as far as I know. I have had numerous problems with ATI drivers being updated through Windows Update.