Windows 7 (64-bit) remove global hotkey created by unknown application

  • user61967

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    Finding which process owns a hotkey in Windows

    As the titles says an unknown application that I've installed have registered a global hot-key for Alt+2 , or as this is a Finnish keyboard it's actually Alt Gr+2. As this is also the key combination for writing the @ symbol (I copy/pasted this one) you can imagine how frustrating it is.

    There doesn't seem to be a way to even list these global hot-keys in windows, let alone change them. Searching the net doesn't help much either, it just gives you a list of windows built-in hot-keys or references to AutoHotKey, which as far as I can tell can't solve this issue. I don't want to script/customize/modify anything, I just want to remove this global hot-key so I can start typing @ again.

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  • sgmoore

    The program which has registered the hotkey must be running on your system. You can download a free program from here which allows you to see which program has registered hotkeys. The full version of the program, which isn't free, says that it can disable or change the hotkey, but that should only be required if the program that uses the hotkey is needed and does not let you have a option to change it.

    Works on Windows 7 (64-Bit), but it looks like is attempts to restart all your active programs in administrative mode in order to detect the hotkeys.

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  • ukanth

    Is there any way to kill or force closed a particular hanging window or hanging application by selecting it with some hotkey? Similar to Ctrl+Alt+Esc and select window in Ubuntu?

    (I may be misremembering the exact key shortcut used in Ubuntu; I just remember some key combination does that.)

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  • invert

    Ctrl+Shift+ESC to show Task Manager, on the Processes tab, right-click the offending process and choose "End Process"

    Personally I replace Task Manager with Process Explorer (from sysinternals), better list navigation and you can use the Del key to kill a process.

  • Aaron Digulla

    Alt-F4 or click the close button. If the app doesn't respond within a few seconds, Windows XP (and probably everything after that) will show a dialog where you can kill it.

  • Faiz

    You can also use tskill.exe from run menu or command prompt.

    TSKILL processid | processname [/SERVER:servername] [/ID:sessionid | /A] [/V]
      processid           Process ID for the process to be terminated.
      processname         Process name to be terminated.
      /SERVER:servername  Server containing processID (default is current).
                             /ID or /A must be specified when using processname
                             and /SERVER
      /ID:sessionid       End process running under the specified session.
      /A                  End process running under ALL sessions.
      /V                  Display information about actions being performed.
  • ukanth

    Found this utility xkill and modified one here. It might help some people who needs it like me:)