crash - Windows 7: app crashing/hanging on "save as" dialog

  • Fuxi

    now this is really annoying - I'm having a global problem in Windows 7: when using the system's "save as"-file dialog, the main app will just hang.

    the mouse-cursor is showing progress, the whole app is hanging and I need to terminate it manually. it's happening with every app! (notepad, word, graphics app). I'm assuming it's something with the system enumerating the harddisk-drivenames or something. any idea how to fix this?

    by the way - when viewing the problem details - it's telling the module - it's msonsext.dll, looks like some office thing to me.

  • Answers
  • auser

    Removing / Renaming msonsext.dll fixed this for me. Now I wonder what the correct fix is.

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    autohotkey - Windows 7 Copy File dialog keyboard accelerators
  • Tim Coker

    In Windows XP, when copying/overwriting multiple files, you could press Alt + A to copy/replace all. XP

    These keyboard shortcuts don't seem to be available in Windows 7. I have to press Alt + D then Tab, Tab, Tab, Space to get the same effect with the keyboard. Win7

    Does anyone know of a keyboard shortcut to press the giant "buttons" on these dialogs?

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  • Tim Coker

    After thinking about it some more, I realized I could accomplish this with AutoHotkey.

    Save the following into a script and run it with AutoHotkey. The key combination is Alt + A. It simulates pressing Alt + D, Tab, Tab, Tab, Space when a window titled "Copy File" is active.

    NOTE: The IfWinActive function matches partial titles, so if you have this running and the title of the window has "Copy File" in the title, AutoHotkey will send the keys to that window as well.

    ;alt + a ... do replace all on select file dialog
    #IfWinActive Copy File
        SendInput !d
        SendInput {Tab}
        SendInput {Tab}
        SendInput {Tab}
        SendInput {Space}